Monday, December 10, 2012


This is a sequel to the post HER,  Its good to know the story well before reading the climax. And this ones incomplete without that either.


She did not resemble a bride, in fact inside the veil, there were those tearful eyes that longed for an escape.
She was tired , tired of celebrations, of the lights and sound, tired of change.

Neither could she name the feelings or the thoughts that passed across her mind. Fear, would be rather a wrong quote, for all her loved ones were with her. Neither was she confused. Confusion is when  one finds difficult to make choices and here the choice was already done,
Perhaps she had no choice.

Fate..? If it was to blame fate for everything, then all of us would be just puppets driven by fate enacting the story of life.

Yesterday all that mattered to her were  homework , and the midterms, but today its an entire burden of responsibilities, for she was no more a school girl, but the mistress of

err, she hardly knew whom she was married to.

All that she knew  Tasneem didi , was married to the same person and that she could no more continue education . .

So, You had  to miss school today?,

His voice was sharp, unlike her father, and this time she dared to look across the veil, towards the one who spoke,  an affectionate voice

Yes, but they said I cannot go to school anymore.

No, you can, Tasneem told you love reading. And you can continue it.

This time , she was confused, of whom to be thanked. The messiah in him, or Tasneem who evoked it. For her dreams could be continued even after the nightmare.

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  1. well its never too late to dREAM and only those dreams come true THAT are dreamt about ..

    all the best to her and good of the teacher and Tasneem we need such good people around to make our nation a lovely place once again


  2. Wow! So this story has a happy ending :-) Or rather, a happy beginning I should say :-D

    1. A Happy beginning :) like you said .

      Thanks !