Thursday, November 26, 2015

Suggestions Welcome !

There is this idea in my mind from a long time !
Since few months I have been talking about this to multiple friends of mine, the result of which has been futile.
All that they could reply was, it is indeed a good idea. But it will take a lot of effort to volunteer.

And thus it remains an orphaned idea, still wandering in my mind searching ways to implement it

A couple of us were enjoying our regular weekend evening gupshup when we spotted kids aged around four to five years old begging for alms.

It didn't matter to them at all when we bought a plate of samosas and gave them, infact in few seconds many other kids of the same age gathered together and shared that single plate of samosas . This alarmed us that these were the kids deprived of proper food, perhaps the money that they earned out of begging is snatched by their leaders, leaving them deprived of food. That is when this idea struck me.

For instance, if we take an example of a small scale office. If each employee of the office bring one chapati extra,(which doesn't involve any effort from their side) , perhaps we can accumulate all the extra chapati and give to these people at traffic signals or public places . Agreed, it is easy to collect the food, however the question is in distributing it. I need suggestions for this . If at all you have any idea of  any such existing groups, who can be of help in implementing it, please forward it to them .

We can also implement such ideas in a Housing society. Making a chapati extra, is not an hard task at home, we could collect this from each apartment in the society and distribute to the needy  I am totally unaware as to how to start implementing this and so one of my brain cell suggested why not put in on your blog .And so here it is !

And the comment box is open below ! If at all this idea strikes you any good way , please  pull that hand of the mouse and reach to the key board and let me know about it !

Happy birthday!

It is not always that I write a birthday post . but you are an exception :P

I owe all the gratitude solely to my blog,perhaps  partly to the IBL (Indian bloggers league) , If it were not for these you would not have happened to me. 

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me on the blogosphere. 

Three years ago, when the first IBL was launched , I was the least interactive in the 'West India' team. Thanks to the introvert-Why should I start- I am so new attitude in me. 

Honestly I do not remember how our friendship began. From team discussions to formal introductions, personal chats, couple of meetings,  little did we realize that a beautiful friendship was budding between the two of us.

And like they say in the movies, It just happened. And here we are .

You are as beautiful as the innocence inside you. I agree you have that ability to go on speaking with the highest word count per minute, and give the listener the exact aura of this is how you talk to a radio feel. No I am not kidding. Still you are the first person I long to talk to when I am low. Exceptions if any, well you know that

From mood swings to cake recipe, gossips to bitching , ranting, Startup ideas to Fed up of life talks, You have always been my best girl friend forever . I had always believed the friendships made online in the virtual world are temporary. It hardly goes beyond the so called nice comments or formal greetings. Some people find their way from the readers list to the facebook friend list , find place in the comments and statuses , added to whatsapp list only to view the status and display pictures. And then there are  very few friendships that touch you, surpass the cloud of internet and actually find a meaningful place in your life. And you are one of them

Happy birthday to my soul sister, to my proofreader, my official cooking advisor, my forever available chitchatter , my stress buster, My hour before exam teacher , my best friend  Clandestine redezvous !

Honestly, I am clueless What I would do without You !

Never change yourself,  you are incredible.

WIth love ,