Sunday, August 6, 2017

Her : 5

With a bouquet in his hands he stood at the cemetery gates, anxious like his first date.He had never visited a graveyard before. But since she had now made this her abode forever
He had no options. Amongst the rows of tombstones, he searched for hers. 

Recently placed, smooth polished black surface that was newly engraved and draped with flowers and tributes.

The aura around her was nothing like the dead. He sensed a mysterious verve in her air
If only, he had known earlier he would have met her once,
but weren’t they destined to meet this way?
He placed the bouquet of flowers beside her grave, his eyes brimmed with tears.
He stood there for long time, spoke nothing but watching her, without a blink of eye

Grief and gratitude filled his eyes, which were once hers.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The stranger

The stranger at the coffee house

As she finished the last sip of her coffee, her gaze accidentally met that of an young man seated on the table across her

He was indeed handsome. She couldn't help blush, occasionally sipping the imaginary coffee from the empty cup. Smitten by his smile, she returned another smile.

She wondered if she should approach him with a Hi. But all he did was Stranger smile, wasn't that too early?

Smitten by him, she didn't realize that her phone had been buzzing since a while , and as she checked the messages she saw him stand up. Her heart skipped a beat. He took the walking stick that rested on the chair next to him.. And walked past her carefully taking every step. The waiter assisted him get down the stairs!

She couldn't help but laugh. She owned it to the stranger. The blind stranger