Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mumbai Calling

Recently I attended a seminar organized by Mumbai  Police "ALERT MUMBAIKAR", regarding the facts and precautions a mumbaikar must be aware of. They claimed Mumbai to be the most targeted city against terror threats.

The start was very good,  A very unnoticed fact about Mumbai, in its name, the meaning of 'MUMBAI'


Split the word,  Its 'Mother ' in English, Gujarati and Marathi respectively.
According to statistics, most of the Attacks could have been avoided only if the public were alert. All that one needs to is to keep their EYES and EARS wide open.
Terror attacks have never repeated any place other than in our country .
None to be blamed for ,  out of 100 crore population, if a terrorist seeps n, or suspicious activities occur, its surprising that no one ever noticed. All that needs to is dial 100 , but the negligence and ignorance of one such citizen leads to a disaster that could be avoided

* conditions apply. This actually made me think. Is it the I don't want to get into the police stuff attitude?  And even if its the case, isn't the law and police responsible for that attitude developed in the citizen, only if they were citizen friendly, only if the justice is not time lagged and some examples of witness is the victim  cases, responsible for the ignorance among the citizen?

However the alertness initiative by the police is laudable. As far as the information they provided in the seminar , its a must for every MUMBAIKAR,.

Here are some excerpts

# Be alert.
# Don't touch any suspicious object. More of it don't open , or submerge it in water (the Bollywood bomb diffusing methods don't work in real world) in case it is suspected to be a Bomb.

# Don't hover any metallic object around it, nor use RADIOS in the vicinity.

**The frequency of radios can cause the bomb to explode, a very surprising fact that none of us could have imagined.

# Please evacuate people from the area, and don't move the object.

# Don't direct a flash  light over it, especially halogen bulbs etc at a public event can result in untimely explosion of the bomb.

#Place sand bag around it , not OVER IT. 
This will reduce the effect of the splinters used in the bomb.

Please don't roam around the object so that the media captures you and you are aired on the TV.Life is very precious, and not the appearance on Idiot box

INTERNET can be harmful, so people need to be made aware of safe Internet usage

*HACKING is not fun. Ultimately , it can end you up as a suspect in a terror attack case.

*Open the email attachment only if the source is known and authorized.
*Don't forward credit card details to unknown sources. NO one wants to gift you a free innova or 3 bedroom flat.Such emails that ask for your personal details are fake. Unless and until , the website is secure, don't apply transactions.

* Don't auto connect on WIFI, all that's free, is not necessarily safe.
* Watching Porn is not cool ( I don't know why they included this topic  in the seminar, and how one could relate to terrorism here. )

* Care for the society, dial 100 whenever necessary

And its better to waste one rupee for a call, rather than wasting 50 crores on a terrorist.


  1. Very useful information written very clearly.

  2. Very informative post. Its good to know that Mumbai police is taking such initiatives. Where are these seminars being held? Hope other states also follow the model. :)

    1. Thanks Neenu. It is indeed a laudable initiative. Was held in my college so as to generate awareness among students