Sunday, December 23, 2012

Shave or crave Extremes

Here , I am back after the "Aww so awsum " spa event organised by Bloggada at SU KO THAI spa.

Thank you so much Blogadda , for the wonderful experience.
The entire session was amazing, made my day.


"Little stubble is always cute". Did you say that, O you are yet to experience the terror then. Stubble isnt cute, it is unfair. Nothing like clean shave, It not just makes you look younger, but cleaner too.
Out of laziness, most of  them, call it 'COOL'. Coolness is out of question, if hair could make you cool no one would have took the pain of threading and waxing.

If stubble is still cute, your girl will definitely go for this

Stubble is never cute, and girls don't love men with stubble for sure, In case my  guys stern on his stubble, I bet I would try extremes  to get rid of that.

Extreme 1: Post this picture nxst to the mirror

Extreme 2 :  Stop the monthly pain treatments, Yes the threading and waxing stuff, If you can deal with stubble , deal with this too

Extreme 3. Mumble until you get rid of that stubble. Guys can deal with everything, But not the frequent mumbling tortures by women, be it his girlfriend or his mother.

Extreme 4:  The stubble fever fear
Post these videos to his Wall, Irritate him as much as his stubble irritates

If you cant do this with the stubble, better get rid of that

2. You dont have the inspiration?
here it is :

Extreme 4: I ll slip this into his drawer, a free kit, this might tempt him to shave.

Extreme 5: The last option, leave him high and dry, or else leave him forever
                                                                              for a stubble is always unbearable

She glanced through the wardrobe again
This time with much stress and strain
Red, black or blue one
Its the purple touch, done

At the mirror, she chose the color
be it the eye shades, or the lip  glow'er'
Checked the blush and the hairstyle,
alas., shes done , another smile

The  tedious task was yet to begin
threading , waxing and the pain within
If it wasn't for the evening with him
She would hardly tried anything

There she was, so pretty and lubly
All ready to impress her hubby
At the window pane,  in the candle glow
Was waiting for him, some how

He passed through her, threw away his briefcase
Out of tiredness, did not look at her face
In a moment he was back in a hurry,
" we will return back early"

She was half  lost, fully deprived
sad and wounded, neither could she hide
Rushed to bathroom, for quick sneak peek
''Oh , his stubble, make him lookalike geek"

A shave is hardly a few minutes run
she mumbled trying fixing her bun
She wished she actually make him crave
At least he could do the shave

This post is a part of the 'Shave or Crave' movement in association with BlogAdda.com


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  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm right i have read a few now which tell me .. WAIT .. let me go and shave first


  3. Nice....especially the poetry u weave at the end :)

  4. well put, the videos put a nice touch ;
    here's my story :