Monday, February 25, 2013

REVIEW : RIP by Mukul Deva

RIP -Resurgent Indian Patriots

Author : Mukul Deva
Pages : 286
Cost : Rs. 200
Rating : 4/5
Publication: Westland Ltd

This one book has been my start of the day since the last week, Not that it took me an entire week to read it, best is , it kept me gripped to it, in spite of the busy schedule I had. Reading it during my 2 hour train journey everyday never let me realize the time.

The title and the cover picture of the book is very interesting and best enough to give us a brief idea about the Genre. A Very Crude Red, with a bullet and a syringe can easily draw the attention towards this one book if its to chosen among many choices.

Though as the title goes ,it may leave the first time reader guessing the plot, but as one reads and goes with it, we get to know, this book deals with one of the most grave issue of  our country. Perhaps this is the plot that majority of the Indians want the country to be in.

NOT among one of those books that make you fall asleep after the fourth page. A read that lets you think beyond the chapters, relate the story to the world around. For the first time I  read a book by Mukul Deva by ,half way down the read, it made me go back to the first page and look back at the authors note.
Not just another revolutionary read, Its proximity to the current affairs and the names that very well let you guess which politician is referred too , makes it a good read.

RIP that stands for Resurgent Indian Patriots , is basically a group of ex army officers, or self appointed guardians of the drowning nation, to save the nation from the corrupt leaders and is truly something that every one of us wished it existed. Something that can bring a change to the current situation in the country.

The best part of this book is that there are lot of characters, that being the essence of the story, one does not get mixed up or confused, all credit goes to the clear and profound narration.
 Speaking about the language, It is a book worth reading if you are used to the unlikely  ornamental and descriptive works, a very sleek direct language as if its a conversation between the author and the reader, scenes described completely clear and words very apt to describe every situation.The dialogues and narration with keen description of each and every detail actually makes the stories a very interesting read. 

Be the courageous Karan or his senior officer Krishna Athawale, or the the military slang or  family love and emotions , A love triangle that comes out of the two single parents and a raging ex husband , corrupt politicians and their tactics , the rage in public, mass revolution, media and the nation, call this book a complete package. A story that stands very close to reality.

And this one book made me hunt for other Mukul Deva books as well.

I would suggest go for it , It is very worth your time and money . This read will stop you next time you blame government or the country since it leaves you thinking about better solution to the existing hurdles that our nation is facing .

PS : Special applauds for the awesome cover


  1. i superlykd your post but how many books have you read:O??? I am feeling complexed already !
    Anyways you have a nice blog :) expecting more stuff from you!

  2. The cover looks somewhat like Ek Tha Tiger poster :o)

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