Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reliance Connected "One worth relying upon"

I had almost skipped this visit to the store , However the proximity and easiness to travel to place urged me to visit it. I have been to the outlets at my city, however an Reliance Digital store outlet at Mulund R mall was an unexpected visit. Pretty happy that i did not Post pone it .

To start with, Yes, the place is very convenient for travelling, Name any mode of public transport, everything is available . The outlet is very welcoming and happening, The entire store seems to be a welcoming experience.

SO I met this Store guy who welcomed me with a few pamphlets, a store map( voila, that was good) . 
To the extreme right of the  store entrance, you could shop for the accessories. Be it laptop , mobile computer or any electronic accessories required. A creative and wonderful range of mobile and laptop cases were an attraction. Besides Batteries, adapters , headphones and lot many were arranged neatly . Best being the tip top arrangements made. I guess one could make out the specifications and details without a store help too at a reliance digital store

BE it the separate section for mobile phones, or the next to it tabs corner, or the wide range of samples available for user checkins and testing, the store is very user friendly. I have been to other digi stores as well, however I could find a better environment here. Perhaps the one for one store help that is provided for every customer proved it well.

I would say a best "Customer is king " attitude is practice here. The most attractive factor I could spot at an Reliance store was the Reconnect brands. From food processors to mobile phones, its got everything at a cheaper and better rate. If you would not go for the cost, I say it is much worth. Very fine and perfect products. I have already chose one of those mobiles for my dads birthday . Within my pocket money budget  and his expectations as well.  I am not to describe the products, the products displayed are perfectly alright for their market value and descriptions, if I am to speak of my reliance experience , I would say "GO ahead , Shop there"  

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