Sunday, November 9, 2014

Healthy child makes a Happy Home

"Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven."

All of has have once been a Child, and they say a child is hidden somewhere deep inside us. Happiness is all about evoking the child within us...

I don’t have any child at my home. All it occupies are the busy adults who hardly got time to spare for oneself, leave alone finding the child within them. But then there is this time of our family, when everyone is happy and overwhelmed. It is when our cute little neighbor, the three year old Piu comes home.

 Talking of Piu, She is the best entertainment package on Earth. She is bliss for our family. If she’s home, all of us turns into a baby oneself and try to please her. I dance with her to her favorite songs, and I have a special play list on my phone to play for her when she is home. Taking her pics when she poses in her own style, is what my Brother does .Mom finds fun in feeding her,, or running behind her when she takes away the plates and spoons from kitchen and hides away. Dad loves to take her around when he is on his Sunday stroll. I have even seen him make strange noise and action, just to see this little lady laughing aloud.

There is hardly a day in our lives, without Piu’s Presence. Not when she was sic. I remember a few months ago, all of us had Onam celebration in our housing Society. However the night wasn’t so calm. At about midnight we heard Piu crying aloud. Her dad tried taking her around the house, her mom tried pacifying her, my dad was trying to make her sleep, mom super tensed. In spite of all of us trying hard to console her, the kid couldn’t stop crying. That night was very difficult .Until she slept around 4 am and we all watched her every sneeze, every twists, movements hoping she’s fine.

Very next day we took her to the doctor, and found out she was suffering from fever.  There was no temperature difference in her body, still she was sick, her body was week and this little baby could not stand that weakness, and so she was terribly disturbed.

A nutrient supplement is always very important for any kid. No matter how good care you take of her, they are bound to fall sick without lack of proper nutrients. And that is what Doctor Advised.  It is an essential part of Baby food. I would say the most difficult think on earth is to see a baby admitted in hospital. I have seen those little hands attached to the saline tubes and it hurts, the sight of it hurts too.
Whenever Piu is sick, it feels the Home is asleep. And so do us. She is the one who unknowingly makes us smile and that smile without a reason is happiness, truly. IT is indeed true, only a health child make a happy home. Else everything seems so stagnant.

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