Monday, February 9, 2015

Twenty something

I am twenty two and I am worried where it’s going,
And then you say, it’s early to start worrying.

Sometimes you ask, what my plan is for the future,
And there I’m still clueless, end up pretending to be a loser

I dream the life of a wanderer, I say,
Around the country, and the world over

But then you say how do you plan to settle further
And there am left confused, moreover

I am twenty two, at the prime of my youth hood
Even though I still yearn to go back to my childhood

Back to the time when I fancied growing up
And caution, Oh my mind! Please shut up

It’s tough to be in your twenties, you miss those friendship
That now exists only in the Facebook news feed.

I always wish to add it to the cart,
Only to close the browser back to the start
OH ! why is twenty always confused at heart.

You tell me don’t make friends with any stranger so soon
And then you bring me an unknown bridegroom?

I make friends, I make love, I make cake and I make worksheets
Believe me the above line is pointless, totally irrelevant
But so is my life to you, the aunty who lives across the street
Why do you bother so much? Do I have to make it more evident?

They will talk, advise, stand beside, and perhaps sympathize
But then ultimately you have to live your life
So what if it’s twenty? Live life king size

Laugh, love, dream, follow your heart
If you stumble, there is always a new start

Why plan, learn to take a chance
Coz someone has said, twenty happens only once


  1. The aunties across the street are always like that poking their noses on others. Twenties are the years of dreams and aspirations. What you do to realize them is your own job.It is the best period in one's life that can bring endless joy if handled well.

  2. omg..your flow of words.brilliant :-*
    I could relate to every line of yours..superb one!

  3. I am in my late twenties and I feel the same too!

  4. ah well what do they know .. nothing .. One needs to be themselves always :) so get out have fun and enhjoy the 20'ssssssssssssss :)


  5. Laugh, love, dream, follow your heart...thats all that matters, girl. Keep rocking! Great post.

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    Tenha muita paz e saúde.
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  7. Haha Twenty Two is too early to start worrying. Remember one thing if you feel so low. "Forget the past,leave the Future,live the present". Even my age is 22 but I do not think I am worrying about mh future. what ever has to happen happens. Chill anyways nice post.

  8. It's not that we should have everything perfectly planned. We just need to have some idea and then live life as it comes :-)