Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The bride

As he approached the Dias, her heart almost skipped one beat. She lowered her gaze to avoid meeting his eyes.  A bizarre fear alarmed her. She felt very week, and tired.  

She could feel him advancing towards her. She silently wished to escape from the place, However that was the last thing a bride could imagine to happen at her wedding reception.

She heard him speak to her father, His giggle resonated a ruthless guffaw in her ears. She could feel his presence nearing her. 

He congratulated the bridegroom; she still refused to lift her gaze.  She had assassinated him countless times in her thoughts. She dreaded of his touch. 

The last time he had touched her, she remembered being tied to the edge of the bed. Every time he would play this strange game with her that meant exploring the diamond that every kid has hidden between their legs. 

Even though it hurt her, she never told her parents about this game. Only when she grew up, did she recognize the demon in her maternal uncle who was now settled in the USA.

 Every time he visited, she excused to escape from the vicinity.
But today, she was helpless. For a moment she almost stepped to walk out of the stage, when a tight grasp held her back. 

That is when she raised her gaze to look at her husband. He blinked his eyes in assurance. She could feel her dread and anxiety vaporize. 
Bless the moment she decided to speak about it to her fiancé .

She stopped to Smile at the cameras for the last photograph of her wedding alongside the biggest fear of her life on her left and the strength to fight against it on her right.

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  1. Amazing. Brilliantly written!

  2. I am happy that she didnt turn out to be cynical... and the husband is an understanding chap!
    Emotions well conveyed.

  3. Very well written. He is an understanding person.

  4. Hey you brought tears in eyes... good flow of emotions... keep writing

  5. Hey you brought tears in eyes... good flow of emotions... keep writing

  6. This one is truly amazing.I had goosebumps.. literal goosebumps.