Friday, June 4, 2010


From the past few days, one single thought is haunting me
What do I write in my first blog post ?
I was in a dilemma as to what do now???
I tried scribbling many words on my notepad, only to find all the paper balls crowding the dustbin.
Then I started using the Microsoft word for this....and I realized that it was the backspace key used often
Why don’t you introduce yourself in your first blog post??”
This was the solution provided by one of my friends.......’to introduce myself’
So I started writing...
Hello, I am a tall, fair young girl belonging to a middle class family that is well settled and occupies a small place in the big city of MUMBAI. Even though I hail from the land of coconuts-GODS OWN COUNTRY, I claim myself as a mumbaikar...I love our dear old aamchi Mumbai.
Did mom ask to register in any matrimonial site??
That was a question from my dear young bro...He gave me an are-you-so dumb look and continued with his advice...
Is this the way you introduce yourself on a blog????You lied that you topped the board exam in English.....
After listening to his valuable free- of- cost advice, I could do nothing else other than holding the backspace key for the next 30 seconds... :-(
It’s done with.
Now that I am comfortable on the my bean bag with my lappy in my lap, I started collecting all the words that I need to arrange for my first blog post.
Mumbai must be the only city which provides shelter to a large population that doesn’t belong to its locality, u can find at least one representative of each of the 28 states of India in Mumbai. For many, Mumbai is a source of income; whereas many lives have raised to fame in this land...truly incredible Mumbai.
But being a mallu in Mumbai, I am always addressed by the great nickname..This is the name that every north Indian proudly call a south Indian..MADRASI.For the holy sin of being born in a south Indian family well settled in north India, I am also exposed to this name.
Even though during my school and college days I used to get irritated by this NICKNAME , now that I have already stepped out of teenage, I consider myself as a grown up, independent , young girl ready to open her wings and fly..fly and rise high to her dreams. So I don’t mind if I am called a MADRASI..Because its an identity, an appreciation..
I am a Mumbai madrasi, a normal mumbaikar who can be always spotted at the gateway of the marine lines, or the one who is busy handling her cell phone between her ears and shoulders, handling the polythene bags and other stuff. A mumbaikar who prefers vada pav more than a burger..or the one who never hesitates to bargain with the salesman......
So to wind up, this blog is the replica of my thoughts from the viewpoint of a young mallu girl confused in this big city, trying hard to make her identity in this crowd,,,
Your ideas and comments are most welcome to keep me going...my words flowing and my electricity bills rising!!!!

Whew!!!! My first blog post is over,,,,,,,,,,, :-D


  1. oye madarsi mast likha hai ye.....
    And please dont stop this ever girl, this is what defines you, never ever give up your passion.
    With tons of love <3<3<3