Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A police in need is a beggar indeed

its raining in mumbai..

for engineering students,,its raining questions..(exams are going on!)

for s.s.c students ,,,its raining marks...this one is very uncertain....somewhere the rain is scanty while some places its heavy...

for mothers,,its raining nervousness....schools are reopening...

for fathers,,,,its second week of the month,,their pockets have become less heavy,,almost empty...so its not raining in this region..its draught...

however for me,,its raining boredom..so i decided to run away from my life....

hold on,,i am not gonna suicide

....i decided to run away from this busy and boring life

we decided to spend few days in the lap of nature....it was decided that some 10 members of my class would be bunking the next few days of chemistry lectures and we would be spending our days and nights in a beautiful place somewhere near matheran..hiking,camping,rock climbing,,,etc etc.

so we took off on Saturday afternoon..we comforted ourselves in a mini bus arranged by one of my friends...it was a 6 hours long journey...

many arrangements were made.by me..my entire luggage comprised of eatables,,,as if i am not going to explore nature but to attend the calls of nature...

after settling at the window seat with a few packet of lays and my ear phones plugged into my ears..i was ready for the journey

it was smooth for the next three hours...after three hours we reached a lonely place where one could find only tall banyan trees..it was at the middle of a national highway

the only human species that could be spotted were the two traffic policemen who were waving their hands at us...

our driver stopped the bus.

we were least concerned because we were unaware of the fact that our driver forgot to carry his permit letter.

aha!!!the two police men started questioning the driver,

confusion and worry took their firm roots in the young brains tensed in the bus.....

what now??????

i almost finished 5 packets of lays and 2 of kurkure...but no idea arose in my brain...

who said these food items contan minerals iodine and all those craps????

i made a firm decision..

i am gonna shift to parle- G..G for genious....thats aamir khans reason for perfection...

coming back to the current situation,,our driver had to call his boss,,,who took another one hour to reach at the situation.

this man was a marathi guy with large black cooling glass on his oily head, mouth overflowing with paan(tobacco) and all types of jewellery providing glow to his grey safari suit..

donno what wonders he did!!!!!!!!

he came he saw and he conquered

he handled the permit letter to the policemen..shook hands with them and within few seconds,,,the driver took over the driving seat....

i slowly headed towards the driver kaka and asked

" kaka kay kele tyani??everythings fine ...can we go???"

he looked at me with a wicked smile
"its mumbai police ,,my child,,,...a police in need is beggar indeed,,,,saab will look after it...u people enjoy"
i was surprised. Is this the way indians handle problems??
is corruption a solution to every question??
arent we careless about the future of ou nation?
if this continues.....india will soon slip into the hands of the so- called- babus and saabs...
Is this right????
many questions arose in my brain..my brain cells were searching the answers for these ,,all that i could too was to finish another few packets of snacks.....
still searching solutions....when will our country be corruption free???

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