Friday, October 15, 2010

The wrong Neighbour

Since the last few days,, the are lot of rumours spreading in the GenY group of our apartment.
Ever since the vacant flat on the third floor was declared to be rented,,,we grew up many expectations!
The guys expected a cute looking sweet girl whereas the girls wished for a handsome young guy as the new neighbour.
So in order to make sure of the new neighbour, we thought of visiting their house and welcome them to our society.

Our new neighbor was indeed smart ,,,
She was cute....,,,,,but very young.....
So young that she stood there in her kindergarten uniform.

SO we had to adjust with this Extra young cute character......

but we soon realised that this new neighbour of ours (whom we now refer to as MIRCHI) is

She is very interested in studies.
She is in the second grade....an hence wants us (the GenY) to teach her for the exams.

Yesterday she was reading aloud her history answer....

"Shivaji defecated the evil in Maharashtra."

"what.....!!!!!!!! areee....what are you speaking?????show me the book..."

the original sentence read like this:

shivaji defeated the evil in Maharashtra.

She was very much interested in misusing  the English language.

yesterday she was reading the news paper....

the minister conceived the other ministers in the party.

while the original news was:

the minister convinced the other minister in the party meeting.

Yesterday,,i was caught with cold and cough....
this was her suggestion to me....

you better eat mesidine. Kerosene  pain relief is better.

I was speechless.
Later I got it clarified from her mother.....

mesidine means medicine
and kerosene stands for Crocin

Her biggest trouble is that I call her a  tribal....(this is how she pronounces trouble).

Her recent contribution to Indian history is

Mahatma Gandhi is the father of denotion.

correct statement: Mahatma Gandhi is the father of the nation.

Mumbai is lactated in Maharashtra

correct statement: Mumbai is located in Maharashtra.

Thus god granted our wish.

we got the smart , cute, ENTERTAINING, girl as bold as a guy whom we proudly call,.................MIRCHI!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love the title of your blog :)
    I'm following you from the Facebook group Get Your Blog Followers, I hope you return the favour !

  2. Looks like you have an interesting neighbor. You can excuse her English because English is not her mutter tongue.

  3. hi .hey dont mind tell me yr name..i can adress u.anyways this mirchi of urs sound very funny..so cute.mesidine was real fun.

  4. @paul:
    thank you

    @SG: yeah..she is very interesting....even though its not her mother tongue,,,she loves speaking in english..and we love to hear her english wurds!

    @raji:thanks...yeah this 7 year old mirchi must be the spiciest in the world