Saturday, October 2, 2010


He was very excited today. It was his last chance. After he failed in the S.S.C board exams, life was terrible for him. A few months before, he was helpless to explain his failure. He couldn’t recognize the reason for the low marks he scored in the mathematics examination.

Whether it was the shock caused by his dad's sudden death?

Whether it was the unexpected burden of responsibilities on him after his dad's sad demise?

Or was it the hate towards the subject Maths?

However,, Today he loathed remembering these unanswered questions. Today, He has this second chance with him to rewrite the math exam and prove his eligibility for higher studies. It’s his ATKT exam today.

Since the last three months he has struggled a lot for today.

His only aim was passing the maths examination. He practiced maths problems entire day, he almost became insomniac in the night.

He lived maths, he breathed maths, if he ever discussed anything then, it was his desire to score in the exam.

He had changed completely. He started loving the subject. He even started attending career counseling, so as to decide his future plans.

Being his neighbor, I could see the growth he underwent day by day. Sense of responsibility towards his family could be recognized from his talks. The guy who never touched his maths notebook started knocking my doors requesting me to explain the doubts he faced in the subject.

I still remember the text message I received last month at 3.00 a.m.:

Di,, will you please teach me the conversion of binary to decimal???

He had assured his mother that he is going to top the exam. His hard work reflected the success that awaited him.

Today..is the day..his examination..his last chance...

He was very excited. He was the first student to reach the examination hall. He was smiling throughout while searching his roll no. on the notice board,, wishing luck to the guy next to him..And sharpening the pencils.. Sticking the holocraft....

He waited anxiously for the question paper.

He soon saw a man in his forties enter the classroom. The man distributed several papers to the students. But not everyone, only half of the class.

He peeped to the next bench.

It was not question papers, but,,,,,,


He was astonished. He felt completely blank.

The guy next to him said: "you didn’t pay?? It hardly costs a few hundred bucks. Who has time to study these boring sums...they give the entire answer sheet for the money!"

He didn’t understand what was happening. His hands were motionless, he couldn’t hold the pen.

Is this the reward for his hard work? The rich guys need not work hard?

He felt betrayed...he felt useless....no one in the world would ever understand his feelings. Because he was a failure. And if he failed in the repeated exam, he will no longer be worthy of living. However he tried scribbling some numbers on the answer sheet. The rest of the time he spent cursing the almighty for his unluck!!!

He returned home with a weird face. I met him on the stairs of our apartment.

"HEY, how was the test??? Why so sad???"

He said :

"Nothing ...its useless till we allow money to rule over hard work. Its not education that is considered....its the bank balance of one's parents..Its money that wins everywhere...I was helpless...

The very next moment he broke into tears. I tried convincing him. But the wound in his heart was so deep that my words fell over deaf ears......

Don’t know whom to blame....

His fate???

The education system???

The corrupt people???

The blind spectators like us???

Or the society????

CORRUPTION is slowly defeating democracy and we are so inactive allowing corruption to win....

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  1. corruption is eating us from inside...
    nice post.

  2. nice write up. yes this happens everywhere...more in professional colleges.

  3. A heart wrenching story. Hope this is only an imaginary story and not a real one.

  4. @rajlakshmi : Thanks. Indeed,,We should now stop being victim to the giant corruption.

    @raji: thanks for the comment,,this happens everywhere destroying the quality of education offered.

    @SG: Unfortunately ,this is a true story.

  5. Its a sorrow filled story,very hard to read..with tears

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