Sunday, December 5, 2010


I am back to blogosphere after a long time....its a sort of back home after a long time feeling....MISSED THIS BLOGGING WORLD A LOT....

Last week Mumbai was completely on alert. This alert was actually  the impact of dreadful 26/11...
You could see police officers almost on every nook and corner...
armed with big guns,,,bullet proof jackets and the suspicious stares on almost every person,..
Even I could not escape the stare and enquiry from an inspector at the C.S.T railway station...

I was pretty impresed by the securities and other facilities in mumbai on that particular day....

But one question that arised in my mind was...why only on that day...26 nov of every year ,,,,??

Is it that the terrorists will atack mumbai only on that particular day???

Why only 26 of nov......dont we need to protect the city on other days???
It was only on this day that we witnessed  terrorism in the nerves of mumbai....else its a normal day for the mumbaikars

...Now once the terrorist attacked on 26/11 in 2008...so  mumbai is on alert  only on that day..other wise no big guns and bulletproof  jackets...no bag ckeckings and no detectors...

the detectors installed at various places are almost paralysed ones....big frames at various doors...and entrances with red light flashing every now and then...

If  proper measure were taken before 26/11/2008 we could have avoided the experience
my question is .....why do we neglect the protection of our country,,??? does that mean 11/7 or 26/11...and such remarkable dates in the history of terrorism need to be on alert...

When the entire country is bust with the politics..spectrums...parliament shoe throws...elections...and collapse of rule....and various other issues.....,,,,we may not even know when we succumb to the call of this dreadful demon of terrorism..

The protectors of the country may be busy with the protection of a politician or a film star...the media may be covering a story on dongi baba....and the country wont even know..wen the terrorist came...and the attatck took place,,,exactly like what happened during the 2008 terror....

why talk about the prevention......when the cure is yet to be discovered!!!

the aftereffects of the 26/11 attack....is that a better one...??

ours is a country where the the judiciary takes decades to make a decision...DECADES???....some cases it took....CENTURIES.....!!!

What happened to kasab???

he is the most protected person on the country now......

why are we wasting time to prove that he is guilty.....???

Its obvious that every mumbaikar wants him to be hanged......we expect him to suffer the worst......and what do we get as answer to this expectation??
Is it the scene of our ministers enquiring about goodwill of the terrorist?

Do you think the souls of the police constables , officers and even the common men who lost their life on 26/11 will  ever be able to rest in peace.....Was it for this that they sacrificed their life....?

ALL that remains is a set of unanswered questions........AND the fear of safety,,,



  1. Welcome Back !!

  2. hey nice 2 c ya back cheers:)

  3. well written
    and good questions

  4. good one reshmi somethings really needs to be changed......

  5. @paul , A.S, sm and ramesh:thnx

    @praju:yeah.thanx.. but the question is when and who will bring out the change.

  6. I guess we need something like 26/11 on each day of the year...then, there'll be police protection on all days of the year! That's how ridiculous this system is! And we accept it because we have no time to do more, we need to bring in the money to feed our kids..who are not safe!