Sunday, January 9, 2011


Since my ruling Planet is pluto (even though it is not a planet) ,and my sun is much stronger than rahus and ketus...I will have to take care of my health..or i am gonnna be seriously hurt..(an obvious prediction)

This is what my astrologer suggests...

Dont raise your eyebrows..for I did not get the answer for my surprise...
He even predicts that I may do well in my exams at the risk of a little hardwork...now that's something that my teachers could not confirm for the past few years and he had confirmed within a minute checking my planets and stars!!

I have this friend who used to keep some sort of vidya sutra in his pen box during the exams so as to do well in the exams..
He did it so well that he is now repeating the exams for the third time...and still doing it...

Once an astrologer adviced my dad not to lend money to anyone from his hands ,,since the money that flows from my dad's hand will not find a way back...

And the moral of the story is.....my dad is in search of the same guy ,,since he is not returning the money he borrowed a year ago...

Strange are the predictions of these astromen..!!! sometimes they can even predict your past..and if it turns true....they earn the trust of many..

However I lost the trust on these predictions the day an astrologer said I have chances of space travel in my horoscope....!!!!

And what about you...???


  1. outside dubai temple one guy told me he is astrologer and said i am in 4 bad time..i said u r in 4 bad time as u wont reach home..he gave gaalis n escaped..bums..never trust thse guys yar..if anyone were 2 know future..oooff not worth..just live the moment buddy...of course, take care as a routine..haha cheers

  2. I think we face this everyday. Predictions!..and these I think are nothing but derivatives of statistics. But, as the saying goes..."There are 3 kinds of lies, lies, damned lies and statistics"
    Fortune tellers use the same theory..
    I avoid showing my hand to anybody. I don't believe in this.

  3. Y a even i have a friend who went to baba to see his future. But that baba messed up his present.So just wanted to say that accept the things in your life as the way they are, whatever happens, happens for a good cause......
    and dont crave for more things its obvious that u wil end up in mess.....
    dont belive in this stuffs its fake.......

  4. hey .You know one of the astrologer told me that Iam a very positive ,strong hearted lady!!!and that I wuld not work for another 2 years.Well he knew the fact that I had just delivered a baby just then..and I could not go to work for some time ,and so he predicted it as 2 years.and also he did some part of his face reading also about my nature.:)

  5. hey!

    well coming from a family of astrologers and priests, I can say that Hindu jyotish is definitely not crap although some pple have made a mockery of it but still i respect astrologers :)

  6. @ramesh: That was very funny...and yes i agree wid u
    @gayatri: yeah...true fact...

  7. @praju: the baba must have earned a lot of money from your friend..
    and yes if we rush and crave to know more about our future..whats the fun in living the present...we should allow our future to be a mystery otherwise life's no more enjoyable..

  8. @raji: hehehe..it seems your astrologer is very intelligent..he knows the game very well..

  9. @AS: i didnt blame every astrologer..i do accept there are some who has it right in their genes..and it sometimes really turns true ...
    i just spoke of some people who completely fake this art...