Thursday, May 5, 2011


Was far from the blogosphere for almost a month...
A small trip to a remote village...perhaps that tour lead me to write this post..

There was this different unity that I observed  among the the women in that village..

None among them are much educated...most of them have stoped education in their primary school itself..and come from very low economic backgrounds..

These women have formed various organisations and groups and work for the upliftment of their locality.

Their duty is to keep the locality clean..organise awareness programmes...provide financial aids to each other,,and lots of unspoken deeds..

there are members ranging from young girls and even senior citizens in such groups...

Perhaps ... It is a wastage of  time for we CITYzens who doesnt bother to care for society amidst the busy life...

The village people may not be as educated and organised as the metro citizens but these small deeds  make them different and laudable compared to the cityzens..

Even though we lack time...since our day is very small owing to the working hours and partying time we apend...but still we can try to start such initiatves ....

such small initiatives in every nook and corner of the country...can perhaps do great wonders in the upliftment of our society...


  1. Hi Madrasi...Yes, very true. Our cities need more cohesiveness these days. Every village these days have SHGs that almost are undisputed in crucial decision making in village women mass. Sad, the city zens rarely know their neighbours:(((Thought provoking post!

  2. Very true. Proud of you to visit this village and write about it.

  3. thanks nivedita...thanks a lot

    A:thanks for the comment..yes i am very happy to spread the word about this initiative of the villagers through my blog