Monday, April 4, 2011

THe aFTerMAth of WORld Cup

SO the entire nation is celebrating...
Right from the rags to riches...all are bleeding blue.....
Now that I am the prey to my most difficult enemy..THE MIGRAINE..thanks to the loud party and noise at Saturday night...My grey cells had this weird idea...
What if not...??

What if the the lions had grabbed the cup from the tigers???

Would the aftermath be the same as it is now...its obvious 'NO'..i do knoe that ...
The Respect the team members are now receiving would have had the three alphabets  DIS...before it...as a prefix

In spite of gifting them the homes and residential plots...some would have destroyed their current homes

The captain who is now gonna receive the doctorate honour would have other wise landed at the doctor's place...

Now this post of mine does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any Indian...in fact I was the first person to finish my exam at the examination hall...so that I can reach home..watch the match and cheer the team

I am speaking about the indians' emotions attached to the game
There is no other game like cricket which can unite the Indians...not even the national game...
Comeon...how many Indians know the name of Indian hockey team captain??
even I got to know it only after googling the name...
and MS dhoni..he is known to every Indian right from children to the oldies...

The only time when hockey gained attention was during success of the movie
Chak de...India

Why hockey...what about the other games??
the only publicity during commonwealth games was the corruption hing and disordered committee...the game and performance had less coverage compared to it..
I never meant the we should not support cricket ....infact we should support every sport.... and the national game tooo

now that we united together almost for a month for the entire team...as a SINGLE NATION...
we are gonna separate to several states within a week...
the blue bleeders will now start...
HALLA BOL...KORBO LORBOSS...AND HILAYing DUNIYA....here comes the IPL...manoranjan ka baap..
.P.S.: (I heard the world cup shout: "mere paas maaa hain")..

Ready for supporting you team at the IPL...???


  1. Hockey was popular at one time when India was playing good. If Indian hockey team improves, there is a good chance, it will be popular too.

  2. well written madrassi...this actually opens an insight to the outcomes of the post world cup scenarios if india didn't win the world cup....good one....

    so now its time for the ipl .... mumbai indian and chennai superking this side...wht about you??

    this actually inspired me to write something on my blog :D

  3. everyone was supporting for fun just like a movie timepass

  4. Great post! Agree with you, Is cricket the only game on the planet???

  5. yeah ..agree ..now the patriotism will sweep away and now my state ur state will start.People are crazy for cricket , whichever way.

  6. @A: thank you for the response..
    hope our team improves and the history of 1975 repeats soon...and yes we need to support and encourage our players for the same..

  7. @solitary writer: thanks a ton,,hmm.. My cheers goes to the Mumbai Indians...Sachin always rocks!!

  8. @sm: yeah..sort of...or why would anyone place big screens at every nook and corner of the city...every other wall turned into a cricket screen here in mumbai...

  9. @cloud nine: thank you..!! This is what I actually mean to ask through my post

  10. @raji: at the end of the day...Cricket is the religion here in India ..no matter if its the world cup or the IPL.

  11. lol even me a mumbai madrassi working in new delhi :D :D hahaa

  12. hi buddy..nanri yar..good post this..cheers

  13. The blog is very good!