Wednesday, June 1, 2011


BEAUTY is hidden in almost everything under the sun....Right from the black eyed beggar at the lane to the queen who holds the tiara on her crown...

There is hardly a thin line that separates their beauty..

For the material world...beauty may be defined in a different way rather according to the external appearance...
one day or the other we will have to accept the fact that beauty rests inside one...it is the beauty of the soul that matters

Real beauty is hidden the pain that a woman suffers while giving birth to her child

Beautiful is the smile on a mothers face as her new born holds her finger in its fists...

 Real beauty is in the feel of assurance one gets while he is at the peak of fear..

Real beauty rests in the feeling of first love that sparkles in ones eyes no matter how the love looks like,,,no matter what the complexion is,,,love is blind..and the blind love is simply beautiful

Real beauty is hidden in every word that soothes us ,,every word that appreciates us

Real beauty is hidden in every lady who serves for the society..

even the 'bai' ...at our house...who never minds washing others plates just to fill the stomach of her kin...

Real beauty is projected when a woman decides to live alone...and face the society herself...grow up the strength to fight many other social enigmas...

Real beauty is when she achieves success amidst the  gender discrimination and many a people who underestimates her as a woman........

Real beauty resides in every mother who decides to adopt a baby girl...and the which pays for every female foetus abandoned by many a mothers.........

Real beauty is hidden in the veil that every woman wears against every dominant male in the struggle to establish her identity

Real beauty is everywhere around you..though it sometimes gets unnoticed..
real beauty is present in the smile that appears on you face when you see yourself in the mirror...
Dont ignore it...discover it...and enhance your life

THIS POST IS WRITTEN FOR THE YAHOO INDIA -DOVE CONTEST:  What does real beauty mean to you?


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  1. I wish you win. I will go to that link and vote for you. I am impressed. It is so well written.

  2. Voted for you! Good luck for the contest dear Madrasi:) Great post, as usual...

  3. As usual great post.. Love this entry.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

    Someone is Special

  4. wowww...a great post..very well written :)

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