Thursday, May 19, 2011


Train accidents are not a new story for any mumbaikar...a cropped leg or injured face is an usual sight for us...but the life still has to move on...the victim is shifted to the nearest railway hospital and the train again sets in motion

These accidents occur due many reasons..
Either the illegal crossing of the rails ignoring the over bridge or the usual hanging at the door...

All it takes is just a span of few seconds to turn our life into a hell..
Every other day we here abut such accidents...

..we don't try to understand the seriousness of the topic unless and until the story is visible to our naked eyes..

One such incident happened with me last week..
I was returning from Virar to my hometown ..via Diva
we had to hault at diva for boarding another local train to my place

Almost for an hour the train was stopped at diva junction..
the reason was another train accident..

I could see the victim

his movements depicted his fight with death

But death did not want his life,,,just a part of his life

He must be in his early twenties...death grabbed his legs from him
He moved to the next railway track so that he could also get deprived of his life....
But fate had another story for him...

He was carried on the stretcher to the nearest hospital
Now he would have to live another handicapped life

What else could happen
life goes on....the train moved ...

Its Mumbai...here life and train stops for no one.....


  1. Very sad. Safety is not considered in India. It is really really sad to know how many people are handicapped in accidents.

  2. very sad story ..yes life moves on like that train if anything may happen to anyone..

  3. Felt very sad reading this Madrasi. People don't care for such basic things as personal safety. Such ignorance and dont-care attitude will increase the number of deaths and handicapped people. But the last line made me mad- "Life and train stops for no one"...Yes, thats Mumbai, or a city to us today:(((

    and yes it is indeed high time to stop ignoring safety in India

  5. life move fast, so people wnt to earn those thing faster,nd lose the life in fastest way
    Worried abt it ,govt shld look after it,bt they r busy in their chairs

    Mumbai trains and daily commuters are now used to these accidents..the story is sad..and the life that one needs to live after such a story is indeed painful

  7. @nivedita:
    thanks for comment...
    and yes mumbai always move on...Nothing can ever stop the spirit of mumbai

  8. @hypothetical maharashtrian
    Thanks for your visit to my blog...
    we simply dont know whom to blame..
    the ignorant government or the citizens ...
    Infact these accidents do occur due to the people who ignore overbridge and cross the rail lines owing to fast life..i do agree with you regarding the ignorant government

  9. dats so sad. its like d value of life in india is so cheap. if a big accident occurs n sumone sez 2 died. d frst reaction people have is, dats it?

  10. @sadiya: truely...dis is what happening these days..life seems to have no value at all