Sunday, December 18, 2011


The sun set down..the birds are back to their nests...the farmers returned home ..I could hear their tractors pass by...but my wait seems unending....another birthday passed away....
He didn't come
very less did I expect him to come...but an inner voice said,,, 

"after all you are his mother",,,

The nurse came to me...she carried my wheel chair to the lawn ... " madam, shall we go inside?
..you are here from the morning..its getting cold now...."

Till this very moment my eyes had tried their level best to control the tears from dripping down...and
no more could they hold on... I cried...
as I entered the lobby  I looked back one last time at the gate..all that I could see was a rusted black name board

Well Care Old Age Home

Every birth day I wait for him,,,My only son

Perhaps he forgot his lonely mother,,

I remember ,,when he was a small kid,,he used to wake up at twelve am...Wish me happy birthday..with a small birthday candle fixed amidst the smiley that he managed to draw with the sauce on the his self made sandwich..
He used to gift me a self made birth day card ..and promise me to buy me a big birthday gift when he grows up.

When he grew up...he bought me perfumes... from the savings of his pocket money...and insisted his dad to throw a party....

Later during his graduation years it shrinked to a small sweet kiss on my fore head for his pocket money was spent on his girl friend..he could not afford expensive gifts for his mom....

His 'I LOVE YOU ' was as precious to me as any expensive gift....and I never complained.,,,for he was my only son...
He himself is the most priceless gift I am ever gifted...a smile on his face erased all my worries....
but today on my sixty first birth day I am missing you my son...

The last time I saw you was at the office counter of the old age home ,,when you came here to pay the eighth instalment
I have got every pleasure of my life here..
A wheelchair of my own....a bed of my own...three time food...regular yoga classes...all that I miss is a pinch of love...all that I have here is sympathy....

For mothers are angels to their sons in their school years..but when they grow up...I never imagined the same angels turn out to be burdens
Burdens who often needs to be taken to the doctors...who are sometimes additional expenditure,,,,

You were never a burden for me when I carried you nine months in me...you were never a burden for me when you cling by my shoulders before going to school..all that I wish is for you to be at my bedside when I close my eyes forever...I can forgive you always ...for I am your mother,,,

miss u my son,,, this mother is waiting for you....with wet waiting eyes ....


  1. Love has become so expensive in recent years... emotions seem non-existent.. As kids when we would stumble and fall, our parents would lift us up.. but why can't we do the same for them??

    It truly is pitiful.. And people will pay their price... I loved this post.. so many sentiments.. if only the mother would realise soon enough.. he isn't coming back! :/

  2. like......ya very much...really touching.....no words.....
    keep writing!!!

  3. ya confused soul is not confused but right...Love has become so expensive in recent years... emotions non-existent..

  4. Just beautiful, girl. Brought tears in my eyes...sniff...very true, children never look back at parents once they are old. They become a burden, an extra 'commitment' and nothing more. So sad it happens a lot in India, where we hold family values with high regard:(

  5. Wow very touching story ,speaks volume about a mother's grief,her love towards her only son, very well written

  6. @confused soul: thanks dear...yep..its very sad...that many such mothers have to weep for this reason...! though our life is moving faster..human virtues are moving away from humanity parallely...

    @ramesh: superfine!!!! thank you!

    @anirudh: thanks re...n yeah it seems to be a new topic for your new poem tooo!

    @cloud nine: thanks nivedita...family values no more hold strong in Indian relationships...sad to believe that india was once a country where joint families once existed unitedly

    @shree: thanks dear

  7. Very touching narration. the idea of the sandwich cake was endearing. Priorities change with time, and that is an inevitability in our lives. God has given us memories precisely so we don't lose touch with our most valued things in life.

    Nevertheless, giving time and love to old people should be a priority in one's life. I dread the thought of losing my parents and it really shivers me no ends..

  8. @ mist ; thanks

    @ vicky : thanks for the visit!!
    the same dreadful thought of missing my parents made me write this post!

  9. Hearttouching post really mom is the most valuable gift for all of us

  10. @kala: yeah..the best and the first gift in the world!