Thursday, November 17, 2011

26th hour towards literacy...

I had noticed the topic of  the  Surf Excel Magic #Get Smart Contest ... 

'If you had two extra hours in a day, how would you spend it?'...

But never knew what would I do with my extra hours...

At least not till I met her....Yesterday...
 She must be hardly ten years old...dressed in rags... dirty face... unclean hair...
 she resembled a perfect Indian beggar.....
She did smile....even though her hands were empty, no one bothered to give her a penny..
 still she begged...she had the famous ''slumdog millionaire'' versus on her lips....
 her  body swinged to the rhyme...

She came to me..

....I hunted for a coin in my bag....gave it to her...she did thank my generosity..
 for it was the very first penny of that day!!!!
but her smile grew more wide..when I gave her a chocolate bar..... the chocolate meant more for her...

"Is it cadbury???"

" Read it for yourself..its written on the wrapper.."

A dejected,,, rather more disappointed voice in her replied ,,
 " I don't know .....alphabets.... I cant read.....they never sent us to schoool...."

" You don't go to school???"

"No....there is one near our jhopda (slum)...but they don't take us in and we have to earn ..going to school never fills stomach"

she moved further...

.But i was moved more,,,by her words...her helplessness
I decided....the two extra hours of my life....I would do something for them...
 In case I get the two hours.....It would be for them.....

Our country got ample of educated youth...but they need to be gathered.....to educate the uneducated....

I would open up night schools for them....
 The 26th hour for education.....
 UNICEF says,, 20% of Indian children aged 6-14 do not attend school.

While kins of the rich study in high profile schools...most of them least bothered about the value of the fortune they receive...let these children of the streets learn something... at least to earn a living
 They are often deprived of education ... only because they cant afford to sacrifice their earning hours to be spent in school
Many of them work in restaurants...many as rag pickers..many serve domestic help...
and everyone ... loses education
and again they grow up only to create another generation like them... the ones who again miss schools only to earn a living 
For them education is for the rich....
And in this country where educations seems to be more  of a business ...the poor ones are often left behind

I would spend my extra two hours for them,,,,


something they wont deny attending
 At least it wont affect their daily wages.....and offer them free education
At east they would be capable to read the hoardings ,, notices,,and necessary stuff...
They can be made aware of the challenges our country face....they could be let known that there exists a world beyond begging,,,...


  1. It's an awesome way to spend two hrs...We'll surely get lots of satisfaction and happiness by educating these ppl...
    gr8 post..All the best for the contest :)

  2. Whether you are a Mumbaikar or a Madrasi - one thing is sure... you have a heart of gold! Awesome post! All the best!

  3. pics are touching revathi :) i havto admit many of us just ignore those little kids that tap on uor car windows :) its the ugly truth

  4. ya anukriti is correct..hearty post yar..

  5. I concur completely with your view of spending two extra hours. Very well written post and very noble intention. Best of luck.

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  7. @ Vållῐ : thanks dear....good luck to you tooo

    @Anukriti :thanks a lot..... :-))

    @Joel: yep.... hope the ugliness of the truth is cleaned soon

    @Ramesh : thanks buddy :-)

    @ranting indian: good luck to you tooo...thanks for the visit

  8. Very good post and your noble idea for spending the time for the downtrodden people is excellent.
    Wish you all the Best

  9. Wow I think that's a great thought.. I hope it does materialise... it would be such a boon for those kids! :)

  10. As Anukriti said, you have a heart of gold. Most people who have two extra hours, myself included, would do something that would give self happiness, and you hope to do the same, but your form of self happiness comes from the happiness of others, and that's the true definition of altruism. I know you're a fellow competitor, but dammit, you deserve an iPad 2 , if not for the post, but for your desires. And I pray that one day, you do start a night school, and if you do, please do blog about it. I'll read it, and maybe one day, I'll pay a visit :)

    I'm posting the link to my entry into the competition, I'd be honoured if someone like you were to read my post .Looking forward to your views :)


  11. @S.V. sir : thanks a lot for the visit sir

    @confused soul: yes..hoping to materialise it soon..

    @Achyuth Sankar : thanks a lot....i truly liked your comment..wishes to you too! and yes we are indeed planning a school out,,,hope it works sooon,,,

  12. great thought and touching post

  13. A very different post from what I have read so far!! :) Here you are, thinking about others when most of us think about ourselves!! :) Great post and all the best :)

    - Binu Thomas.
    Bloggers Park

  14. @AS: thanks a lot :-)

    @Binu Thomas : thanks a ton...wishes to you too

  15. If someone could do that it would be very noble.
    Liked your beautiful writing already voted for you : )

  16. friend...eppadi irrukingo? best wishes

  17. refreshing to read something like this.
    noble thought

    good luck with the contest

  18. @ramesh: superfine!!!!! thanks

    @sujatha: thanks dear