Saturday, January 21, 2012


Its so hot here, mamma..

Its inside you , I know..perhaps the most beautiful place in the world,but I am so eager to see the outside world...especially your beautiful face..the face that is the most innocent sight for me..

mom,,do you  want to know how I reached inside you??

I had to race with 250 millions of my lookalikes..me being the fastest ,, perhaps the luckiest to be your son.!

You would like to know how I look? may be not as handsome as Pa...but still I know you would love me the most

My body closely resembles a worm now..,,my heart has started to beat..I have started existing! 

Its been four weeks now, I have fins ..he he, I can float in this liquid around me..

one more week passed..I am more near to you.. but I can feel something..your heartbeat..its faster than mine.Are you tensed mom?
Don't worry..some more weeks ...and then I will relieve you from all stress..!

Tiny arm and leg buds have formed. Hands with webs between the fingers have formed at the end of the arm buds. With these hands I can wipe your tears . I promise I will never make you sad..!

OOh! how much I wish to meet you ..!
My face has developed..
The face has two eyes on each side of its head..there's a tiny slit near my mouth..mamma, Do I look like you?
I wish to look like you mammma? Are you beautiful?
I don't mind... you are the worlds most beautiful women on earth for me!

Seventh week mamma,, I lost the tiny tail..he he..that looked so funny!

Ten weeks passed mamma..,,
I look like a fetus amma..you can see me in the Doctor's TV.. look...me waving hands at you..oh..how much i wish to met you..

Waiting for the first kiss you are gonna plant on my cheeks..look mamma...Goosebumps
Oops sorry.. i don't have hairs!

Five months passed mamma.I have developed hair on my head..the ones which I was waiting for..Now am waiting for he day when your fingers will roll over my hair , your affection and care!!

Its the seventh month..I can move,,!  oops mom, sorry! sometimes my leg hits you! does that hurt?

But I can feel your  touch..you giggle touching your stomach..hey mom are you talking to me?
I want to reply back..but my words don't reach you mammma..!

Ninth month...! The day that I waited for! I am OUT! he he...the world is so beautiful...even though my eyes are closed..I can feel your warm touch..

But I can hear cries tooo,,,What is it mom? aren't you happy?

Fifth day after my birth!..

I can see every one mamma..but not you! wheres you?

I heard someone say I killed you..! did I ?
You died due to me?
I wish I wasn't born if it was to lose you...
Someone called me bastard?
Don't I have a father?
Is that you in the photograph ? Oh you were so young..
Did you commit suicide?
I don't know anything..all that I know is that I will miss you...And I will never blame you for bringing me into this world!

I am so sorry!