Saturday, February 4, 2012


Person 1: HELLO
Person 2: HELLO? Is this Sachin Mishra?
Person 1: Yes, Who is this and what do you want??
Person 2: err..I am Subhashini Thakkar, Inspector of female rights, women's cell, Anandgiri
Person 1: Yes Madam...say please!
Person 2: We have received a complain against you...So can you please come to our Office.
Person 1: No..Actually I'm on duty..I cant come now..
Person 1: yes..You are a teacher in an leading coaching institute , right?
Person 2 : Yes Sir..err Madam..pray tell me what complaint you got?
Person 1: We are coming to your institute to arrest you now itself..we need to question you..Its serious
Person 2: Pls Don't, My reputation will be ruined! we can sort it out..

Person 1: You trying to bribe me? Another case against you.Bade dino baad ek bakra mila hai!
Person 2: Sir..err..Madam.. I'm sorry..will you pls tell me the details

CALL DISCONNECTED...beep...beep..beep

The above conversation was just another  prank call that we made to our physics teacher during lecture interval

For those who never experience pranking a call or being pranked by someone pls get to know what it is before reading further
Either Google it (easiest way) Or you can access the link that googling gave me

So proceeding on prank calls....It is a usual technique that we do as a form of so called adventurous entrainment...Calling your teacher disguised as an imaginary lady Dabangg..while he is standing in front of you during lecture is not less than an adventure.

Prank calls are of different types..

 TYPE 1: Like the above call, Prank calls made to a teacher can help you get rid off his boring lectures (provided your teacher is a coward like mine) It also helps in keeping your teachers thoughts engaged..that ultimately leads to a few suspended lectures.Believe me, Mishra Sir didn't turn up for two days. Either he was worried of Subhashini Thakkar arresting him amidst the lectures or he must have for sure did something wrong worth receiving a call from women's cell

TYPE 2: Now this type is for sure a big benefit.Especially if you got a secret crush . All that you need is  his/her number in your contacts list and a bold voice! Or a supportive friend full of dare can help you.
For Example : You can mock a call as his /her friend or dying to befriend person.
Dont forget to praise him her.. and please don't call from our personal phone. A PCO is always the solution.
Or else in case your crush turns to be a true love.. He she may find out the prank caller in you. Now Have I Tried it? Errr...Shall we shift to the next type?

TYPE 3: This is indeed helpful if you have the insurance providers and free loan suppliers disturbing you
For example, You can keep on asking the details for an hour or so and then end the call
 with the following statement
OH.. I had just applied for an insurance same as you said..Same validity..terms ..you called Late.You should have called a week before.!
Need more Ideas??

For those who are so lazy to divert to another window ..Here is my Copy Paste avatar oft the content
  courtesy : http://ohmigawsh.webs.com/prankcallideas.html
and yes Special thanks to Google Guru..!


When a campaigner or telemarketer calls you, listen to what they have to say then stop them mid sentence. Tell them, "Could you hang on a second, I think there's somebody at my door." Set the phone down and pretend to answer the door. Then yell in the background, "Who are you?! Get outta my house!!" Try to make it sound like a struggle is taking place and then pop a paper bag next to the phone. Start to scream and fall, then pop a second paper bag and go silent. You will hear them saying. "Oh my God!! Sir?! Are you alright?! Oh my God!!" At this point, either hang up or pick up the phone and say, "So what are you doin' tonight?"

When a telemarketer calls you, act really interested in what they have to say, but stop them mid sentence and say "Well look, I'm really interested in what you have to say, but I'm kind of busy right now so could I have your home number and give you a call later?" They will explain to you that they cannot give out their personal information. Say to them "Oh, I understand, because you don't want to have people bothering you at home right?" When they tell you that that is the reason say "Good, well now you know how I feel." And hang up.

There are several other prank call types ..to be  soon continued..till then enjoy trying these pranks!
And yeah share it too.. If you Found It worth  Sharing
And I m too lazy to check for typos..Kindly adjust the spelling mistakes!


  1. You actually prank called your Sir?? Haha :P
    It's fun to prank call, not fun when we are made the target :D Nice post :)

  2. So much in a prank call? And I agree with the comment mentioned above ;-)

  3. liked it......according 2 me itz da best way 2 know a person..
    and specially guyz.:)

  4. Hahaha it's fun making prank calls nice post!!!

  5. All is well with fun as long as one stays within limits. Prank calls can very quickly turn into crank calls.

    Enjoy... but responsibly! thats all I would say.

  6. @ ♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ and Ashwini : actually yes..the conversation is actually incomplete..!!
    Indeed its nightmare to imagine being targeted by a prank caller!

    @ Srithi: If nt you the who wud knw it betr!

    @Kala: thanks for the visit :-))

    @Vikas: SOmetimes indeed crossing limits with fun calls can be danger..yeah but we can always enjoy staying in ones limit :)

  7. haha got to try one on my project manager :P :P good post..informative.. i appreciate

  8. Naughty girl.. wait till your lecturer reads this blog. BTW pranks are good if you do not disturb the peace of other peoples lives and see that it does not leave any negative after effects.
    In my childhood I had seen a movie where a prank leads to suicide. Some people who are on brink of depression may fall into it.
    Oooppsss sorry to spoil the fun. When our hairs go grey we start thinking like that... I was a prankster in my younger days ;)

  9. @Farila: hope my lecturer doesnt read it!
    good to know you and I share the same prankster spirit! and the movie ,, i wish it doesnt happen in every case