Sunday, February 12, 2012

Silent Love

Disclaimer :This is my first attempt at fiction .Any similarity to the stories of people around me is purely co incidental..

I never imagined this autumn would be the best season in my life,for it changed the meaning of my existence on earth. Seems as if I have discovered a new reason for my survival . And Its you , because a day without your presence is so difficult that I end up immersed in your thoughts , my eyes stationed at the class room entry just to spot you pass by the door.

Before I realized your significance in my life, my days were never so difficult. You were just like any other classmate to me... I don't even remember when I first met you...I never noticed you.. Perhaps your existence around me was not special than any other class mate.May be because you were too much popular among girls and I pictured you different.May be that's why I didn't find you attractive or cute while the other girls cried
" AWWW! hes so cute!!!!" .Not a surprise indeed, the lead vocalist of the top college band is always a star, especially among those girls who craved to grab your attention.

If it was not that blessed day , when I actually realized the real..'kind hearted' Rehaaan Ahuja in you, I Would have still pictured you as the stupid, rich ,flirtatious  'RockStar'. Because you were always so.Surrounded by the most beautiful girls in the college, spotted in the city's so called coolest pubs , the guy for whom every new day starts with a new girl friend., err.. for me all these features of you were so indigestible!
Perhaps I believed that you are so Characterless!

But then ,I remember the day so well .. Rhea..my best friend , she was so ill and I was clueless as to what is to be done when she suddenly collapsed unconscious.For It was the dusk time and no one around on a deserted road. And that was when the messiah in you turned up. If I am not wrong you were speeding for a concert and I didn't expect you to stop the car, for why should you care for your ugly classmates  whom you never bothered about. Perhaps your behavior towards us was if as the less popular (students lyk me) are misguided  aliens on earth.

I can recollect the tensed face of yours.It was when I actually looked at you face. Before, I have never noticed you .You are indeed cute..Seated in the backseat all that I could see were your eyes in the mirror. They terrified me, or 'tempting' is the correct word. They reflected the worries you had.. for you were so tensed as to reach Rhea to hospital as soon as possible. You face had turned pale, almost wet in sweat.. I could see only your left cheek and the little drops of sweat that adorned them. Even though I mistook it or tears, but why should you shed tears for a sick classmate. Those 10 minutes drive to the hospital built up lot of thoughts in me...in fact I asked myself...have you gone insane?

The day I witnessed the real human in you,, the day when my heart started beating for you,,,perhaps that was when  I started loving you..
Later, Every day turned new for me..The aversion for you had transformed into a cute feeling , perhaps this was not just a crush.
and then every sight of yours made me feel tired,, I lost control over myself, infact my body shivered. When you occasionally came to the class , I could actually feel the goosebumps. Every day I ended up stalking your facebook profile. I started talking to your profile picture and your songs turned to be my ring tone..I never shared this with anyone, For It was not new for others , every single girl in he class had a crush on you , but for me this feeling was new..! Though I am silent ,, I wish my crave for you doesn't go unnoticed..

Just a friend
That’s all I’ve ever been to you
Oh just a girl
Who wants to be the center of your world
But I ain’t got much to offer
But my heart and soul
And I guess that’s not enough
For you to notice me
I’m just a girl
And I guess that’s all I’ll ever be to you
To you


(to be continued)


  1. Wow that was beautiful....This triggered memories of my college life...Thank you :D

  2. One human stopping to save the life of another human, makes you fall in love. Now picture God, who gives and saves lives of millions of humans everyday.. and he doesn't even show his sweat/tears to you.

  3. @☂☆ Vållῐ ★♬: nice to knoe that you liked it :-)

    @Vikas: I think the gratitude and respect that we have for God is different..for the above post just describes how a good deed can change your perspective about a person..!

  4. Lovelyyyy took me to my coll days n school days

  5. Aww :-) I'm sure every girl would be able to relate to this :-)

  6. Right post, in time for the Valentines' Day! Eagerly awaiting the next part:)

  7. @kala: Indeed ,crushes are the best part of college and school days!

    @ashwini: actually there exists at least one such silent love in every girl.very few actually speak it out

    @cloudnine: thanks dear..next part tobe posted soon!

  8. Cute blog! =)


  9. @Hope Adela Pasztor: thnkuu

    KParthasarathi: thnks

    @Ramesh: thks

  10. good talent here...keep it up!

  11. Where is the second part?
    Blog hopping led me here and I loved this :)
    Its high time that the second part is out!

    1. Secon part is out CD :)


  12. great narrative skills pal!..:D