Thursday, May 10, 2012

The BLog Resolution

Indeed blogging is the best thing ever happened to me in life.Though sometimes I feel very guilty towards my very  less frequent  updates on my Blog. Blame it on my laziness or tonnes of assignments and classes I have to attend in this final  year of graduation,, all I know is  that I have been ignoring my blog a lot.
I suddenly realized as I my phone reminded me to delete excess notes that have piled up in it. I guess its high time to upload them on my blog rather than scrambling those random thoughts in the phone memory.

Not a single day in my life exists without me repenting over my ignorance to my blog. Its just the typing part that I am lazy at..Other wise blogosphere is my favorite place..All that I love is going through the updates of my fellow bloggers..some of whom I admire a lot!

Most of the days I promise myself that at least today one story from my phone is gonna be over the blog..enough of scribbling them in notebooks and updating on my phone...For that was all I did before I was into blogging
The audience of  my stories never went beyond friends and parents and then blogging exposed me to a different world.
I discovered that I had a long way to explore..I discovered many a blogofriends ,some sincerely appreciated me..some dutifully corrected me.I discovered many a weakness and strength in my writing, flaws in my language, gifted me some of the best friendships I cherish and blogosphere is still the best place I love the most

So thought of having a new resolution..though its not the resolution time of the year..Did someone say that resolutions can happen only at new years eve? Oh then that's too long for me to make this resolution..I am gonna try my level best to update my blog frequently at least to free off the memory on my phone.. I wish this resolution doesn't end up like my every other resolutions!

Love you blogosphere..n all my blog buddies!
n yeah..I wont disappoint you my blog!


  1. Your blog resolution is good. Waiting to read more posts from you. Here is an unsolcited advice. Your education is more important than these blogs. My 2 cents.

    1. I take your advice..exams and studies were always my first priorities..! Its the holidays effect letting me take these resolution..One more month to enter my final year :)

  2. I too made tons of resolutions, but finally the only resolution that really changed was of my camera's. :) All the best Madrasi!

    Don't write for the sake of an audience, just write because you don't wanna stop the flow of ideas within you..

    1. After a long time dada! great to see your comment!
      and i wish my ideas keep flowing..and end up on this blog frequently!

  3. Great news! So now we will get to read more from you? :)