Sunday, May 13, 2012

And Finally You are a MOther

Its your Birth that gave life to the mother in me, and then Life changed completely.
My Priorities changed, tastes changed, lookout changed.
And then with every step of your growth I found new reasons to live.

Life as a mother began with the sleepless nights I spent wiping your tears, changing your diapers .

It wasn't as easy as your first illness, your first step, your first word , your first song , all of which still remain afresh in my memories

The helpless look at the gate on your first day at school.. mom take me back..pls
The worried look at the clinic when doctor asked you about the pain ..mom please explain it to him
The results of your first ever sports day..mom ..Look I got a medal

And then while you complained about the school bully, stinking dance partner, uncomfortable bus seats.
All your complaints first reached me, right from the loose hair clips to damaged bicycle.

And then you  grew up. I could see my baby grow into a princess as you dressed up at the mirror, and asked my help to chose among your dresses.

The times you had tried helping me at the kitchen and the landed yourself in trouble.
The taste of the first coffee that you made for me defeats even the best ones I had in my life.

And slowly you grew up..

Barbies on your wall changed to Posters  of guys dressed freaky with those guitars and piercings
Love stories replaced comics
and you no more called mommy..It was just the starting three alphabets ,MOM.

You chose your dresses yourself, Had this I dont care this Mommy shit attitude on your face while I tried explaining situations to you.

All that existed between us was just Generation Gap

I started missing my mother by then..
for then was the time while I honestly wished to apologize to my mom for my mistake in Past.

I wished you explained It to me, while you spend hours on the phone at night,
And then I realized My Princess was already a Queen for someone
All that you said was ," Mom , You gotta tell this to Dad. you will have to set everything right"

For I had switched several roles in my life for your sake, as a nurse, as teacher, as a best friend , as a chef, as a maid, as a critic. and what not !

And as today you sent me this Good news ,as my phone screen flashed this message,
'Mom I am pregnant',,



  1. WHat goes around, comes around and we call it Karma, fate, life... well written and I sort of like your liking to your liking for your pen name... "Madrasi" that seems to break the associated symbolism connected therewith...

  2. Lovely post. Happy mothers day. Its a changed lot for mothers of present generation as they are tsken for granted as free baby sitters while the daughters enjoy their life.

    1. Indeed,,Not just Baby sitters , mothers play Lot may roles in Life , either their daughter or the grand daughter, ultimately evrything ends up on her shoulders

  3. Ayyy Mumbai Madrasi, this was something different. Loved it :)

    I hope you're coming for the IndiBlogger meet? :D

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    2. thank you CS :)
      yep! c u soon @ the meet!

  4. Replies
    1. yep..in a gist this post can be described as circle of life.!
      thank you for dropping by :)

  5. Aww.....Lovely post! What goes around,comes around :)

    1. Thanks CD! Just like a boomerang everything comes back to you at the end :)

  6. A Wonderful tribute to the one person who never stops worrying about us and who will always wish the best of things for us,, /Our Mother. Wonderful :-)

  7. This was so touching. We criticize our mothers so much..but she's always there for us.
    Lovely writing :)