Thursday, August 23, 2012

Future Diminished

I woke up to something harsh pricking my eye lids, disturbing my sleep. As I stretched my hands to reach my cell phone, I found grains of sand escaping my fingers.

 Pretty much tired, I forcibly opened my eyes to a different environment around me. Strange giant tree like structures, tall bushy plants much different than the ones I have ever seen.


God, did I sleep on mars yesterday? Though rubbing my eyes frequently proved fruitless, nevertheless I realized I have to live it until it ends itself.

Around me no human evidence existed. Chances of me exploring a new planet with all earthly features but no human, yet to be exploited by them were on the cards.

Though somewhere in my heart I still believed the fiction to end, me being back to normal, I still loved this place. This was so peaceful and silent apt to spend a vacation away from earthly pressure and stress.

After a long walk, perhaps very long and exhausted one, ground beneath my feet no longer seemed sandy, and the aura no more signified peace. Much different than the beach atmosphere then, now it was more of an empty barren vast land. 

MAN! Humans?

Either I am living a sci-fi or in a simulated environment of the latest PSP.

 “Hello “

He gave me a strange look.

“What happened?”

“You look like the one from the 21st century show.”

My fellow earth mates made me realized that I am on earth and my probability of exploring a new planet is zero. I bent down to pick up a milk can on the ground which was pretty much destroyed and deformed.

Date: 20-2-3000

“What’s the date?”

“3rd  march”

“Year ?  


“I am from 21st century”

After a series of his damn it looks… he said, “Welcome to AD 3000. Very funny”

“I can show you me my Iphone, it has the date”

“We don’t use IPhones , our phones hardly suffice calls and messages. If you are telling the truth you would be the first person to be screwed by humans, your generation screwed our lives.”

“For the sake of humanity, I need explanation. For am just a 21st century man, who believe he slept in his New Delhi apartment in the year 2012 and woke up in a strange scifi set in 3000.’

“This isn’t a scific, its AD 3000.”

“But man, they had it different in Doctor who and Archie’s comic, I have seen an Ad 3000   with flying cars and hi tech environment.. Why not here;?”

“I don’t know Archie, neither Mr. Who, our history explains existence of a hi tech generation which had cars that looked liked the ones in museum and the ones we cherish to dream about, a generation that lived in a earth with lesser temperature and much natural bounty, and selfish enough not to spare those resources for future generation.”

And then I turned around, Indeed the temperature was much higher than I had ever experienced. They had this huge strange vegetation that resembled the ones in the dinosaur era, though I woke up with sand amidst my fingers, It was more of a beach that lacked the sound of waves, a still sea much like the small stagnant water in ponds. I turned around and the man disappeared, as I explored further, the man’s worksite resembled a deep dug large pit, with a foul smell but much cleaner than the dumping ground back in 21st century.

It won’t take much time to realize It’s a biogas plant or some kind of waste management  phenomenon that produced better results much productive than the ones like dengue and malaria way back  in 21st century, the large strange vegetation around symbolized their artificial roots and seemed more of a product of biotechnology researches and not the bounties of nature.
I could see a glass like structure fitted over four large wheels, one could call n modern bullock cart, approach me. I tried guessing its speed, not more than 50 kmph, worthless, it produced much less sound than the cars of our time and had no pipes attached to dispose black smoke to the air.

“Trying to track the technology that runs this? “The man spoke to wake me up from a different dream altogether.

“Its solar energy, the ones you used to dry clothes and create salt. Didn’t realize it could have these good results? Neither would we have realized, if you had spared the resources for us. Now that we have to wait centuries to get the fuels reproduced, the entire 30th century depends on the non conventional resources. We don’t have flying cars and aircrafts, just had to start things from scrap”

They had this huge factories that reaped good from biogas and waste, that worked silently unlike the ones in 21st century they did not have huge chimneys that tarnished  the sky above them
Giant windmills adorned every grey lands within few miles, and roads were filled with solar driven cars and buses. True that they had grey lands, instead of the vast grasslands in our world, thanks to 21st century man who spared least for his future humanity.


Out of dictionary. He said they had a false specimen of a pepul tree in city museum besides the pseudo tigers and elephants.
Unlike expectations of men in grey steel suits surrounded by robots and hi tech machines, the 3000 AD I visited was more of a  exploited land that lacked resources and struggled to survive with spared conventional resources.

Rather than the different continents separated by huge oceans, their land was much of a single mass of land with little spared water resources just like an oasis in the desert.
Humans there resembled humanity, disciplined civilization that respected nature, unaware of global warming and greenhouse effects their forefathers had in store for them.

He tapped me on my shoulders,  
 feeling guilty?  
I smiled, he walked away.


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  1. Wow Reva! you have done good homework. Nicely summarized all the science that we learnt in school, and also no excessive dots this time. You are a professional now, my friend! :)

    All the best for the contest, and yeah, great story this one, gives a glimpse of what lay ahead.

  2. Excellent. You should produce a movie like Back to the Future Part 2 or Demolition Man.

  3. What a thinking. It was totally different. Very nice :-)