Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review : One and a Half WIfe

One and a half wife

Writer: Meghna Pant
Publisher: West Land Ltd
Cost: Rs. 250/- 

The title and the cover picture of the book is very interesting and best enough to give us a brief idea about the story. Though as the title goes , we may think of  the way the story goes, but as one reads and goes with it, we get to know, this book deals with one of the most grave issue of  Life, A story about, loveless marriage, blended with bondage to society and relationships.

Beautifully narrated through a woman's words, Its a jouney all throughout her life, right from her childhood to capable woman that she grows into

Amara Malhotra, born to a very traditional Indian family, Like any other daughter  of  Indian parents is brought up in the so called cultured tradition of Indian society, rather a different attitude towards her life,Perhaps rightly quoted in the book his life.

The hardships she faced living her American Dream, adapting to the new environment , and culture,
Biji, a very interesting character, Amara's mother is a perfect epitome of an Indian soul in American heart, trying her level best to live up to the traditions of both the culture,

Baba's character is a father that every girl wishes , supportive and witty.

The life of a woman, Amara as a daughter, sister, wife, friend ,mentor. lover and the at the end as a mother..keeps the reader grasped  and ultimately we end up with lot of respect for the Lady

Divorce is indeed a difficult situation, wherein one has to go through a lot of emotional stress , plus face the society , and then bringing life back to normal, with love as a new beginning is the story of this book in a gist.

Amara fights with her own destiny and helps Kanika overcome her pain in married life, adopting kanika's daughter into her own life . The writer has showcased lots of characters who brings a ray of hope in her life, way back in India, once she returns to her motherland relieved of the marriage with Prashant Roy

The best part of this book is that there are lot of characters, that being the essence of the story, one does not get mixed up or confused, all credit goes to the clear and profound narration.
 speaking about the language, It is a book worth reading if you are used to the ornamental and descriptive works, phrases scripted beautifully, scenes described completely clear and words very spt to describe every situation.
 The story has a very good message, about the grave issue of divorce and unhappy marriages. Not just that one can survive after divorce, it depicts that life continuous even after hard times.

The book indirectly focuses on the Indian society throughout two decades. The changes in the infrastructure and development sided with the thinking of people, Amara and her family returns to find Old Indian thoughts are left behind in American NRI's  mind, and its no more in Indian minds, for the people here now believes in rationalism and modern approach.

I recommend this book, a must read , a story of a girl trapped in faithfulness and obedience to her parents and Husband, who learns to live life through encouragement and support of friends , finds her true love and a daughter, living a life of  Independence and peace

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    1. Sure sir, I will update the cost and page count :)
      Thank you :)

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