Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Of Reservations AnD DiScriminations

Part 1
Speaking about myself, Born to a very Low Caste, poor family in a remote village in developing India.
My Childhood was Pretty Pity.Exactly like the ones old colorless Bollywood movies portrayed. Born in a Dirty  hut to the witch faced old woman who claimed to be the God mother of almost every untouchable child. Or the 'YO' generation today can say, she was the Mobile Labour room in our days.
So After the birth,  being born among the untouchables, I was Denied of everything.May that be the right to socialize , or the right to learn,sometimes they used to deny us the basic necessities too. There were days spent in thirst when the public well for untouchables dried and the so called feudal men deprived us of  every source of water available.
Education was out of question. All that we were supposed to do was just move out of the way in case the sons of the majesty had to pass across us on their way to paatshalas. All that  I knew about these schools were the huge massive buildings that had these random English guests and parades, English Sports .....
I wished if I could at least know what it feels to be learned, educated.
Though my childhood was not a cakewalk, Pretty half of it spent in realizing what am I born into..human race or some alien diseased ?
And the young blood in me was so carried away by the reds in those days, that I counted on it as my goal and ultimate aim to be one among the sacrificed in the long run for freedom..Perhaps I didn't take this very same freedom to be the one misused upon in near future.
And then  the dark days vanished, and freedom bestowed lot of luck on the deprived.This one man, out of the blue framed the system,law,and what not, did he do for us. The golden word


The silent revolt to the demons in the society itself, and now the ones who were so called majesties soon became


So It was reservation everywhere, Be it government jobs, elections, education, health ,  and then It lasts till today.Indeed it was necessary for the upliftment of the ones deprived of their freedom.

It still goes on, though they are very much uplifted, and the country is way far different then what it used to be, there are still a part of them still left behind.Be it the adivasis deprived of land or the ones deprived of  economic aids, Reservation has not yet fully bridged the gap.
It will take much more time to make our country a better place to live, Bridge social differences. For example, take it as an young girl from  higher caste wishes to marry a (reserved by law )guy.Indeed for the modern day broad minded,Its not an issue these days, but mind , such issues have been the root causes of various honor killing and riots as well.

As far as the reservation goes, Its not yet the time to release the law, reservation is still required, much many left to be completely reserved .

Part 2:

As far as my intro goes, a guy deprived of admission in his dream college because 25% seats were reserved to the ones who scored much less than him . Am the guy who had to pay the entire sum of tuition fee in school, just because he wasn't born with a reserved tag to be eligible for fee waiver scholarship.Am the guy who thinks its not the birth that decides success, but the talent. But the law of my country often proves me wrong.There are people who fight against various issues, there are people craving to starve for many a solutions, but the country has none to actually pioneer the revolt to bring in new reforms in the constitution.

 I am not at all against the reservation system..but against the type of reservation. we are almost into the 65th year of independence, and is it still necessary to provide reservation on caste basis?? Most of the backward castes are now developed and their standard of living is not poor as before. If any reservation is to be provided , then why not on the basis of annual income of the family?
The caste system in ancient India was a dreadful disaster. The backward castes were deprived of every opportunities. Maybe that's the reason why Dr. Ambedkar formulated a constitution where the scheduled castes and tribes were given prior importance.But the prime reason behind it was to bridge the gap between the low caste poor men an the rich higher castes.
If we consider the life standard of the so called low castes now, then its much improved. The ones that are still suffering belong to the below poverty level families. They can be considered by reserving them according to the family income..

Yes, we are in a country, where the guy pays high tuition fees and donations in college and later get bribed to pay off the former debts.


When the voices that actually need to be united, speak in different tone,how can we expect our INDIA to shine?
Be it reservation or corruption,,
every issue has different viewpoints as  in the above two cases, smartness is in bringing them together and deriving a solution out of it . Be that be a quite Prime minister or starving social activist!

The nation is ours, and we don't ever want to be responsible for screwing it ourselves.


  1. Very well written. Reservations should never be based on caste. Financial assistance should be based on financial needs only. I wrote a post about a real life incident in USA titled "The Allan Bakke Case". Will email you the link.

    1. Yep I did read the post.. It really goes well with this, d only difference being no revolt here, n there Allan actually fought against it

  2. Reservations have become a joke these days

  3. What was once started to prevent one group of people from dominating the others, has now completely backfired. yes, something needs to be done on this blind reservation.

    1. Yes, Since Every Idea in governance shud be revised again, its high time to revise reservations

  4. Well you can read my views on reservation here http://mannbikram.wordpress.com/2011/10/13/reservations-and-the-youth-of-india/

    I am totally against it .. it is a joke now


  5. ya quota system was intended to help the underprivileged and affected sections of society..now it has become a joke..and there is way it will go away..thanks to our wonderful politicians..