Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dearest Daddy

This is the first time I am writing  a birthday post, and the very first one is for the only man in my Life, To my dearest Dad.

Dear Dad,

So Its an half century this  time. You have turned fifty, or two more days to go.Come 27 th and you are 50. For I cant believe you are Fifty , For me you have always been the most young and handsome man on Earth. I have told you a number of times, Am very jealous of Amma. She is the luckiest woman on the Earth .

Fifty years was no cakewalk for you, For you have always inspired me with your ' keep it going' attitude in Life , in spite of the number of hurdles you have faced.

After losing your dad, when you were five, you almost took the responsibility of the entire family. 'Five', imagine, I couldn't even spell my name correctly by then, and you would manage an entire family's responsibility .

Be it completing your studies and alongside earning a living for a family , You have never complained about life.

You have been the best son . Till last moment, you took utmost care of your mother, And I still remember, first ever time in my life, I felt weak, in your presence, At that moment you burst out crying over Grandma's face, when she passed away. Till then I could control my tears, but then I realized  the most strong and determined man I have ever seen is still a crying Kid when his mother departs.

You have been the best husband ,As I said I always Envy Amma. Be it waking up all night when shes ill, or Arranging a midnight hour birthday party for her, I have seen the worry in your eyes every time she gets ill, and the love that clearly comes out for her, Every time she gets stressed up, All that she need is your presence  , and Alas , I believe you are the best couple on Earth

You are the best Father on Earth and in that case I am the luckiest. Everyday Its your wake up call that starts my day and every night  your the last to wish me good night. Every time I stay awake late night during exams , You make me that special black coffee, Lots of special things between us, the special birthday kiss, the special chit chats, the special scooty ride, the special cooking days. You make our home a special place to live in.

You have never let me feel low, every time amma scolds me, you give me that special smile and the "ITs ok" from you is all that I need to get rid of the tears.She always blames you for  the extra pampering or in amma's words, your love that spoils me, And I do proudly say I am my daddy's girl.

You have been the perfect Daddy, Just like you always take care of our needs, you are the first one to know If I fall ill, n the way you never tell anyone if you are not keeping well, When you badly search for the tablets and mess everything up, we ultimately end up guessing dad's got some health issues.

You have never let us know any difficulty in life, You are not the one among those Daddys who has this I am so serious attitude and always stay hooked up to News channels, For You are the one who is like " give me a high five, Its Our favorite movie today" type of Dad.

You have always been very transparent with me, for every time I am into some tension, Daddy , you are  the first person I would lookout for help. I remember when I was eve teased for the first time in life and later you found out those guys and made them apologize to me .

Lots of memories, Lots of love attached with you. Fifty years ,dad, You are best gift of my life, As you once said on my birthday. I know you do read my blogs even though you  don't let me know that. And I am hundred percent sure, you have that awsum smile on your face now on this surprise post.

Happy Birthday . I love you .


  1. You are a bad bad bad girl..you know why?? coz you made me cry at 1:29 AM

    But on another note, your dad will love this I'm sure...hez lucky to have a daughter like you!

    Happy Birthday Uncle :)

    Take Care

  2. Beautiful. Happy Birthday daddy.

  3. A nice and glowing tribute to you daddy on his 50th birthday.
    Best wishes for happy birthday to him

  4. Ahh beatiful..
    Happy birthdsy to him :-)

  5. awww...this is beautiful sweetie.. I'm sure he will love this.. Happy Bday :D

  6. Many happy returns of the day the your dad.. Happy birthday

    please do extend my regards to him


  7. Beautiful Reshmi. :)
    It was a very touching post and feelings came out brilliantly. :)

    Wish uncle a very happy birthday from my side also. :)

  8. Wish him a happy B'day from my side too...and I wish every girl could feel the same for her dad!!

  9. Happy Birthday to your dad..:)Nice writing

  10. Wow..50 is a magical number for everyone..and u have made it so special for your dad with this touching post..Happy b'day uncle..:)

  11. Excellent dear...
    Wish Him many many returns of the day..
    I pray to god to bless your DAD with another 50 yrs...so that his love for you never ends...a heart touching one...

  12. Awesome one.. words carefully chosen to portray the exact feelings.. enjoyed reading it -- dad of a 4 yr old girl
    Bloghopped here for the first time will sure frequent :)

  13. what a sweet post..he is lucky to have you as his daughter. May you family have a great new year!

  14. Loved the way you expressed. A very very sweet post. :)

    Birthday Wishes to your father and A Very Happy New Year to all.

  15. My heartiest wishes to your Dad. They are our true heroes and I really enjoyed reading it, so much of emotions in every words :-)

  16. Loving wishes to your Dad. This must have made him so happy and proud. Loved the emotions with which you wrote this blog post. I can totally understand and relate to it.

  17. Very cute! Father and daughter's mutual love and affection! Nothing to beat it!! I am recommending this post for the prestigious lLiebster Award.Kindly send your acceptance to me urgently.

  18. Reshmi Hello. I have recommended this blog for the Liebster Award.For the rules kindly refer to my blog'Liebster Award' and Google.com

  19. the picture in the post reminded me of my sis n dad, taken in somewhat of a similar settings, and that made me read the post.....you are writing this one straight from the heart :)