Sunday, January 6, 2013


She never leaves him alone, By the time he manages to get rid of her and forgets her, she returns back to screw the happiness and fun in our life. Every time he ends up looking in the mirror, and keep on mumbling this , we look so good together thing and there he is , in the most dreadful tone, "Don't you feel so?", I end up staring at him, while he still fantasies her.

She clings to him like nothing and For a time being, He wastes more time at the mirror grooming for her.

Whenever he returns home, all tired and slogged, I loath the dreadful stinking odor that he brings back, I believe she is the root cause. No matter how hardly I try to convince him, he just doesn't understand shes not at all good for him.

Not just his looks, when shes around , he behaves like a freaked weird guy, All of a nowhere he gets this
 I am so cool guy attitude, And metal replaces his playlist. Out of nowhere he changes his career interests and once again ends up in front of the mirror, "Oh shes helps me grow so much, she awoke the artist in me, But am confused its the bass or the drums, Or I will end up writing a story, What do you think?"

He has sacrificed a lot for her, even his new job Interview, He was so much 'She' obsessed and screwed it up
"What? I cant shave it off for their shitty job?" . Obviously, no company hires a person who itches his beard during an interview. She ruined it, For your information 'She ' aint his ex or office secretary trying to woo him, SHE is the dreadful stubble, that ends up as a long weird beard due to the am so cool with the beard attitude

She makes me do lot of helpless stuff to make him crave to shave her off, and by the time he shaves, in a weeks time, the army returns.

Dear Dreadful prickly stubble,

Why don't you ever leave him alone, Every time I manage to get rid of you, you start growing up again.
You never allow my happiness stay more than a weeks time, By  that time your little black head army approaches and spoils all the good fun. I guess the after shave he uses, tempts you back.

Having tried, multiple times, Its not easy to make him crave to shave you off. You cling to him to make it a no shave month every time.

Be it Begging a hundred times or leaving him high and dry, be it gifting him the amazing shaving hamper or lauding beardless men, sometimes they just don't  seem to work. In case I plan to help him get rid off you by myself, Err, even the thought dreads me.

You stink, sometimes after he returns from the jog, or a gym session, you make him stink, plus you give that itchy feeling , and the uncomfortable ones on the lower chin, still he doesn't get you off.

He resembles a homeless guy when he refuses to shave for long, Unless and until its a sophisticate dress up, I worry someone would drop in coins or food packets at his desk.

DO you think you are very healthy? If not, he does. He advocates women love guys with stubble. STUBBLE AINT HEALTHY FOR FLIRTING , PROVED

He feels you make him look like the cold guy, He claims that you give him The manly attitude.

Shit with the attitude, he looks like those obese pumpkin guys at the burger point.

SO please do me a favor, you are an unwelcomed guest, who leaves sme red faced, call it anger, or the stubblle diseased, Spare him

Yours truly, 
The stubble diseased

Few weeks later, She succeeded, She looked like a half dead warrior who had just won a battle all by herself. With the dreadful red face, this is what happened

How to make your boyfriend to shave on no-shaving November
image courtesy   : http://9gag.com/gag/5759813

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  1. :) we had the Movember in november and when I planned to keep a moustache, this happened everyone is writing about NOT to have a stubble .. Y Oh Y ..

    all the best


  2. hahahahah this was a good read :D

  3. Good post. In the olden days, we used to see pictures of intellegent people with beard. As a Swedish proverb says "wisdom is in the head and not in the beard".

  4. Ha!Ha! I actually like my man with a stubble and beard :P :P Whisker-bites can be dealt with :D

  5. Congrats you WON the first prize! So Paris calling? :)

  6. Myth Buster..:( I tht we looked sexy with a stubble and she likes it too..