Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I saw, I learnt

There are certain habits that aint taught , you look at people and the same inspiration urges you to learn from them and embrace the very same habits.There are lot of habits and practices I have learnt from people around me , And most of these are the reason for the smile of satisfaction in my smile

When I saw a generous stranger

This was almost three years ago when I was in my junior college. My college was at a walk able distance from the railway station, and hence  I traveled by trains . Kids begging for a living were a regular sight . Howe ever I hardly noticed. In case I had some coins, in my pockets I might just drop it into one of theirs plates. My kind deed of the day would not go beyond that.

It was during the  mid term examinations when I was waiting for my friend at the railway station. Even though I was busy revising my notes, I could not help noticing this pretty lady on the next platform. By her attire, and getup one could guess she wasn't a student, perhaps waiting to get the train for work. by this time a kid , almost in his rags approached her . Like the others in the crowd, she did not ignore him. She asked the kid to follow her, and took him to the railway canteen at the end of the platform. She bought some samosas, and chocolates  and handed it over to the kid. while he was about to go, she asked him to have it now and then.

And then I learned from her that the kids on road begging are not always the real ones who get the money. It normally does not end up in their hands and most of the time they remain hungry. And so Its important to let them a little time of our busy day, and feed them. It would not just satisfy their hunger. It also makes us feel good. I can bet on that, since after this incident , whenever I pass through a kid begging , I see to it that i buy him something to eat. Either a samosa , or a plate of sev puri, This does make difference to them.

When I started observing my best friend

If its to talk about her, I am sure one paragraph or a single blog post wont be enough, Srithi, If you are reading this , yes babie I will write a book on us. But this is about one good habit that you taught me ,
I have always observed you. whenever we have chocolates , you make sure the wrappers go into the dustbin.Else you have this Dustbin attached to your bag .That is what I call the space you have allotted in your bag just to  store these wrappers in case there are no dustbin to dispose them.

It is Srithi who taught me that cleanliness begin with us. Even a Little contribution to the clean surroundings can matter a lot.For she makes sure she cleans her bag (err the dustbin) every weekend , so that the wrappers and packets go right into dustbin. However this happens only in case of the absence of a dustbin nearby, For example when  we are on the way to college in train. Instead of disposing the lays packet or any such paper waste beneath the seats or outside window , I make sure I Keep it at this secluded part in my bag, and dispose them off when I come across a dustbin.Not just me, I have also seen some of my fellow passengers doing this after observing me. So I saw Srithi, and I learnt from her.Many have also learnt from me. And that contributes a lot to society and cleanliness. Even though not a spontaneous effect is visible, this does make a change .

When I saw mom saving and sharing

This is one of those habits I am so happy to have inherited from my mom. It was very different initially but now since years of practice, Its a part of daily life. My mom saves Rupees 5 everyday and has thus allotted a piggy bank for the same.Every year when her birthday comes up, there is no loud celebration . The money from the same piggy ban is accumulated and donated to an orphanage or ashram of her choice which is used in distributing one time meal for the people there. It is not a big amount though she adds more to it. You can do this good deed anytime of the year, doesn't mean birthday and we may also ignore the need of a piggy ban or saving for the same. But my mom justifies that if there is some amounted gathered and allotted solely for the purpose, then you remember everyday that it has to be done. Hence there's nothing stopping from doing it.That being her birthday , she has a reason to take time for it and involve her family in it.

Thus , in this big busy life there are certain small things that might just go unobserved , but if taken seriously can bring in lots of differences to oneself and the people around us.

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