Tuesday, August 13, 2013

D sleeping guide to Mumbai local

Posts on Mumbai local trains have been always an interesting take, for one such post is here ( read this for a starter,  Guide to the Ladies DiBbA

SO, the local train journey often commences with an incomplete sleep, and thus most of the commuters complete it in the train, Wait, if you think its easy seated and comfortable sleep, its way too far. There are specific techniques and methods to a comfortable seat in Amchi local . Reading this post might not train you for a proper sleeping guide in local train , however next time you fell sleepy in train , you can adopt one of these techniques.

My window , my sleep

These people are actually very common among the local train commuters, the sole aim of their life is to howsoever get hold of the window seat ( especially the wider window side)
 Once they are seated, if its during the winters they seem to carry their blankets sometimes else its the sweaters , fully packed and comfortable, they ease themselves while some of them tug in the earplugs and in seconds time you can even hear them snoring.
And hence the basic requirement to follow this technique is a fast pace and quick steps, so that you ca run into the windows seat before anyone else . Carrying a sweater or a small blanket during winters would be helpful. Earplugs can be an additional advantage.

The bag story

These are those set of people who prefer to travel during the afternoon and not the peak hours. It doesn't matter if it is not a window seat , all they need is a place to rest . Once they are seated you can see them adjusting the things inside their bag , so that they can use these bags as a pillow for the next few hours. Sometimes you spot them slip and fall due to train jerks, however this is the most used technique among students and ladies.And thus all you need for this technique is a proper balance and a soft bag, no hard objects in it, books preferred.

The elbow Asan

This is the most useful  asan if one feels sleepy during peak hours in a local train. Especially the first class gents compartment are need is often witness to this asan. All you need is to master the art of standing properly with head rested on your elbows while you have a firm grip on the holders hung in train. The cons of this technique is you might slip off or hurt co passengers and your sleep is bound to be broken often.


Fourth seat comfort

This can be tough if you aint a regular local train commuter. What you can actually do is find a small space ( fourth seat would do good) , and sideways rest head on the handle over the seat. This might hurt your neck , sometimes another sprain, but this is very helpful incase its a rush hour. This will increase space in the mid seat area and thus your co passengers can stand properly. The only disadvantage of this technique is the frequent disturbances cause by the salesmen . You will have to get up and provide them space to move about. However if sleep is unavoidable and you are a fourth seater , this could help.

The sleeping posture

This is relative to the resting posture in ladies compartment in the local trains . Resting ones feet (PS : footwear removed) on the opposite seat , raise your hips a little and rest on the backseat.. though this aint the correct posture to sleep, this is the only easiest posture you could adjust in a Mumbai local train. Though your co passengers would ask you to SHIFT incase its a peak hour , however you are excused if its an empty compartment . Sometimes the lady passengers dont mind sleeping on the seats entirely, you can find these people on harbour bound local trains.

Dostana Neendi

This is when you have a friend to travel alongside you. The prime requirement is your friend getting a seat right besides you, mind you well a fourth seat wont help here. Perfect balance is what you require. Resting your head on your friends shoulder and sleep peacefully is hat this technique says. All you require is a comfortable seat and a patient friend.

And the post doesn't end here, everyday new techniques are being invented and successfully practiced

PS : This was a humor post even if you dont find it funny, cant help . Try tickling you funny bone yourself.

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