Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Office story

It has been a long time I visited my blog,  Other than bragging to my office colleagues  that I own a blog, Which I once fondly called MUMBAI MADRASI and then something stuck me and I decided to change the name. The outcome is on the url bar and the header.

So what is happening in my life? I would say lot of things .Only problem being everything at a wrong time. To top the list, There is my new job. In fact , my first Job. I wish still I had the same excitement as much I had when I received the offer letter.  : (  I would say work isn't fun as college.

Okay, so lately people have been asking me, hows the new job. How is it going , When is the salary treat blah blah of which I seriously don’t have answers to.

In short, It is BORING. Other than the lunch break and occasional relax breaks, I don’t really like anything much about my work. About the treat, all I can say is I don’t know where the money goes. Today I have my salary and balance to boast about , next week I don’t even have sufficient balance in my phone.

What made me write this post is the type of people I meet at work . Which reminded me of the train series I once wrote about types of ladies you can meet in train , to be specific local trains. One of my happy posts which did not have a sad ending . And then which later made me write on a more wider canvas, Not just ladies but the travelers in the general compartment too.

So this might be the third Part of the so called Types of people we come across series , nevertheless about the ones I meet daily at office.

PS : This post has lot of grammar mistakes and typos. Blog post after a long time . If you are willing to read ahead, THANK YOU :)

To start with , I work in a renowned IT organization which is recognized for lot of merits.As they say, employee culture, best infrastructure, knowledge pool blah blah,, Of which I only knew of the ex ceo who was fired for I still dont know what exactly happened. But I didn’t join for any of the above reason,  I was clueless about my higher studies, no more stamina to burn he midnight lamp. I wanted to sleep peacefully, eat happily and plus the company provided transport too. I know that is not really good choice or a  parameter to decide your career on, which I really don’t repent  (perhaps ,may be  a little) , but I am happy  .

So lets start the story

I am so hardworking and I can show that too :

These kind of species are really interesting . How do you identify them? They are always glued to their computer screen even though they do not have much work. Go close to them and you will see them reading the latest entertainment news. Bothered about Sonakshi's sudden weight loss or Arjun kapoor's new look. All of a sudden when their manager enters the arena they switch fast to the client machine and start working *claps claps*. They also give you thses boring  lectures on their appreciation and appraisals when they discover that you are a new joinee . Point to be noted  -->> especially if you are a fresher. Baby , I know more than you kind.

I can help you out :

These are  the best of the kind I have met. They are ready to help you anytime you are in a distress. How do you distinguish them? Instead of the entertainment websites they have the tech websites and manuals open on their tabs often. They might occasionally call you and share the news with you too, however the disadvantage is , they also boast  I am more experienced than you madam fresher.

I so want a bench :

This is the type of fresher you would come across in most of the new office environment . He never wants to work . All he wants is the bench period. And you can identify them if you spot the most of the time in the gym or relaxation room , else browsing shopping websites. The best thing about them is they are never fed of life . How can you be so 24*7 bored!

 I caught that look :

 I wonder if this ever happened to anyone. But it definitely happened to me a lot of times . Theese are the species who occasionally look at you and then move away if you notice them . Most of the time you feel if they are discussing about you . Are you so jobless at your job? .But I really don’t mind if that person is good looking . :P

This so not as good as that :

And these are the non local natives who have shifted to your city for work purpose. Take my example , one of my colleague finds Mumbai not as cold as Jaipur, not clean as Jaipur, Not pink as Jaipur etc etc. They would tell you something  is much better at their place . For at one instance she recreated Chowpatty at Jaipur too , Now we really aren't amused if she said Marine drive is under construction at Jaipur .

One sub category of this is the project- to- project story. Your project is not as tough as ours, your ODC isn’t as secure as ours, Your schedule is not stressed as ours , For me it seems like You chairs don’t spin like ours, your keboard isn’t wide as ours , RESPECT.

I love Mr. Tortoise : And they are the firm believers of the principle “Slow and steady wins the race”. I don’t know which race ever allow them to participate. They speak very low ..I go day dreaming in the pause they take between sentences. Not that some fill it up with fillers, perhaps errrm.. arrrrhh..hmmm .. phew. Best experience is them taking a presentation . Carry loads of water, else you might just fall asleep. They remind me of my Software testing lectures .

Please don’t do it : These are generally the higher officals who look exteremely cute. Perhaps the one on whom you might have a crush  or for whom your colleague dies for. But the best is when you know they are not really sweet . It is like I am your saviour but might just turn out to be a devil soon. They might tell you you work really well, but that might not reflect in the appraisals and feedback on paper. The corporate story afterall.

Why no one hires me: I sympathize on these species the most. Everytime they get a project , either that project dooms,, or it gets pipelined. Sad story most of the time they  are jobless even though employed. The only best thing about their career is '  Last day of the month'. And everytime you can see them going upto the HR guy and begging to tag them in a project. FYI , ''I am so bench'' guys don’t like Them much ,, These two categories are complementary

I am committed :These are the species who look the least interesting. You meet them in the elevators, or accidentally in washroom passage, or sometime at the coffee area. If they don’t smile, ever, bang on -> They belong to this type. More over they will have a ‘celebrating 20 years’’ ‘ celebrating 15 years’, and even ‘celebrating 30 years ’ bands around their neck.  All I can think of is How they might look on a roller coaster ride .. sitting on the ride with hads inside the pockets and the serious look, don’t forget the 25 years band around the neck .

I am always onsite : I love these guys. They are most of the time onsite working for the client and then when they come back they brag about their UK, USA, Switzerland experience. Not because I really find them interesting,, but they bring me chocolates :D . They brag about so much things that within a day the entire Office knows this guy was onsite last week. Oh yes sir, I didn’t know Singapore had plastic notes and it is a country as small as the distance from Bandra to Virar :O

Story isn’t over Sweethearts, Its only three months I have been working , and hardly few I have interacted with.. To be continued .. !


  1. This is so true.I meet such people at work almost everyday.Really well written and perfectly describes the work culture at an I.T company.Very well described.Looking forward to more posts from your side.
    Cheers :)

  2. WORK is truly not as awesome as college :(
    and it is just the first week of march and my salary is already half gone :(
    I know so many "LET ME HELP YOU" people.

    1. HEHE :d thats the dilemma I face too .. the last week of the month tragedy :(

  3. we all chose work for different reasons, & believe me they are never logical ;) In my case, although I knew BPO was exploitative, my motto at that time was better be exploited than be unemployed.

    superliked this post...do continue posting whenever u can revathy............. cheerz :)

    1. Thanks a lot Dee kay :)

      Your motto was correct ,, i tell you its so depressing to be unemployed

  4. hello hello and heloooooo.. How are you doing , I should also say Remember me .. its been a long long time I know ..

    how can we compare college to work.. that was funnnnnnnnnnnn and the best time of my life


    1. Hey Bikram!

      Long time yes ! I have been very less frequent in blogging . Happy ...happy and happy to hear from you!

      Obviously collge is out of comparison when it comes to work!

    2. Glad you remember me .. and write been a long time now ... I also have started to write after so so longgggggg :)