Thursday, September 25, 2014

Escape Chapter : 11

Allapuzha is a beautiful town encircled by the vast stretch of backwaters that adorned the nature.  Exhausted by the photo shoot at the St. Andrews feast, Jenifer was returning to the Port for her boat towards the hotel that by stood the famous  Vembanad Kayal (lake). She loathed the strange sound as the boat crashed with the flowing water. To distract herself, she took out the Tablet phone from her Sling bag and connected to the busy world.  A calm climate with stillness in the air, only the nights silence to be disturbed by the crickets gobbling and the boat rushing to get to the land. This aura was enough to make one feel isolated from the world. But on her fingertips, as she scrolled through the tweets on her phablet she felt she was in a crowd where everyone is shouting something or the other to the world. And one retweet by her follower stood on top of all which she clicked to expand...

“Think before you follow the road bound to the law, because she is herself blindfolded”

Stalking the profile led her to his blog,, a peek into his life .. Somehow she began reading through it. That which began as a mere go through now ended up as a chase. Post after post.

The BlindFold by Sanket Goswami

She liked it. It conveyed a lot more like the stories her pictures conveyed. She loved portraits. She clicked people, and he penned about people, Portraits in Words.

However one of those portraits almost hit her hard, pulling her back to the past. It could have been a coincidence.  Smitten by the lady next door, Sanket had portrayed her flawlessly in his post. The words formed a picture of the lady in Jenifer’s imagination which mirrored the face she had always abhorred. Tara Dutta.

It was very late when she reached the hotel. The night had killed her appetite. She was lost in thoughts, memories to be specific. She shut her eyes inviting sleep. However faces disturbed her. Roohi’s picture with the pink daisies haunted her. Unintentionally, she was drawn to Roohi. Shekhar had never pleased her by his looks.. But talking to him made her realized their parallel lives illusioned to coincide somewhere.  She was a wanderer by thoughts and Shekhar seemed to construct his own thoughts. Out of the love for Roohi, Tara’s absence and Shekar’s helplessness, Things went wrong. Perhaps it was the right thing for that moment. But now as she looked back she felt as though she had sinned. She recalled the day Tara   offended her in front of Roohi.

 Does Roohi know of the mistake her best friend Jenny Benny committed?  

Her hand reached for the rosary that she always wore. Gripping tightly the cross that rested on her chest, she prayed for a peaceful sleep. Silently Hoping Roohi would be happier with her mom somewhere. And Tara, with her husband.

My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word.

The phablet blinked across the table. Low battery.


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