Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Escape - Chapter 5

Team FrontRunners 
#Week ONE

An hour ago, he was exploring the happiness on her face whereas this moment the silence of the hospital corridor engulfed him in.  His heart beat paced in rhythm to the wall clock that raced with time.  Somewhere deep inside him, he felt life dragging him back to his past.

Life was never serious for him, At least not until his dad packed him to Delhi for pursuing Bachelors in Law in the most prominent Law College in the country’s capital, a seat he could hardly imagine if not for his dads contacts or namesake donations to the college management.

Brought up amidst the swish crowd of the economical capital of the country, Cyrus was the only son of the renowned Lawyer Farhad Daruwala .  Little did he know he would land up in the same profession as his dad? .Too early to confirm, if only he survived the upcoming year end exams.  

His was never a personality that could relate to the guardian of the law of the country. He loathed the aura that suffocated him in the Red and White shaded walls of the court.  He had always distinguished himself from the crowd that surrounded him.  Girls loved him for the spark that his green eyes connected to; guys envied his tall fit physique. The brown curly hair complementary to his fair skin tone made him look handsome in the back and white college uniform.

It was just another day in the hot summer season while Delhi rose to its highest temperature recorded in last few years. Roads were busy with public transport speeding up followed by a fast VIP ambassador car roaring to the traffic for clearance. 
 And beside his college hostel gate, he noticed her.

Handling a few rolls of card papers in the right hand, balancing a school bag and a dark yellow Baggit Handbag in the left. She looked like a corporate lady who has come right away from a high profile meeting in her white formal shirt tugged into the grey trousers and a black satin scarf ornamenting her long neck. 

She looked tired, still warning to her little girl in her school uniform to watch out for vehicles on the road .Across the road, they disappeared into the entrance of a residency complex that looked towards the Law college Boys Hostel . And Cyrus stood awestruck looking at this lady from the soiled window pane of his room on the third floor.
His roommates teased him for the crush he had on an elder lady in the next building. And he could never admit it to be a mere infatuation, for he felt  she was a beautiful lady wherein beauty reflected  not just on her face or attire, but the womanhood that it portrayed.

The nurses rushed into the ICU, with a trolley of medical equipments and brown bottles. Cyrus felt as if he is being heaved from both the sides, His head hurt and body felt weak reminding him of the flu that has landed him up here in the hospital. With Tara in the ICU, and so much chaos around him.. He leaned for a support to stay conscious until someone told him she was fine.
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  1. doing full justice to the scene here. With all required detailing provided...still keeping it a short read.

    Have followed the story from the start.
    This post looks quite good to stand independent and yet tell a lot...

    Hope ur team makes it to next round..all the best