Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Its vacation for me
I am almost done with junior college and is busy planning higher studies........
All of us try to adapt to the atmosphere of our new college,,,we become busy making new friends,,,studying the new subjects,,,,,,,,
anything of the past that remains with us are our memories.........
Don't your eyes become wet when you remember your school days???
yesterday I saw some boys in school uniform playing in mud..,,
With a cup of coffee in my hand ,,i was staring at the red sky which was bidding bye to the sun at the sunset. My thoughts rushed to the past... a few months back... my college days,,,
we were a gang of six....who used to board the 6.45 C.S.T. based local train.
we had a class at seven...and me being the laziest in the gang,,,would often land up running behind the train..
we enjoyed two years of our junior college to the full extent.
sleeping in the physics lecture, blushing at the new (young and handsome) maths teacher,, marking proxy for friends, watching movies after bunking class test,,birthday bumps and treats ......were some of our holy deeds
We had a rude chemistry proffesor ...who always boasted about his b.tech degree from IIT BOMBAY. I remember being caught a few times for sleeping during his lectures.
Being a non marathi maharashtrain,, i was often teased by my friends for the south indian slang I have while I talk in Marathi.
I really miss those days,,,the nicknames that we called each other,, the joint study sessions we had together.....our plans to study early for the next class test( which was never brought into practise)
the way we used to turn to the last page of the textbook to see how many sums are yet remaining to be solved,,and to do the same again two pages later...the late night calls and the early morning snoozes...i really miss all those whispers and gossips that we exchanged...
Time changes evertything..
class room to office
books to files
pocket money to salary
but i believe that we will be the same cute, stupid, idiot friends forever ,,

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