Thursday, July 1, 2010


madrasi writes again

Since its vacation for me, for me, these days sun rises only at 10’o clock, followed by two hours long appointment with the newspapers waiting for me at my doormat.

Today I saw a very fascinating headline in one of the regional newspapers of Mumbai.

Check into metro’

Still in my night suit with a cup of coffee, I settled down to read it.

The article was about the most discussed metro tail project taking root in Mumbai. The first phase of this project will start by next year while the third phase is planned to be started in 2021. (Exactly the Mumbai way,, after all slow but steady wins the race)

It is an expensive project linking many important cities via road. (Hope this link won’t experience the fate of the sea link!)

The news paper told me that this is going to be fantastic with many technologies being launched in the transport section of Mumbai. Automatic ticket vending machine, automatic ticket checker, and computer controlled doors (which can even count the number of people passing through it).

Guys, there number of commuters using this facility will be also controlled. Over population is not going to be allowed in this system. The trains will be equipped with automatically closing doors!!(Yes, exactly like those ones which u see in Hindi movies).

Now these are something impractical in an aka Bumbaiya life-ishtyle!! Imagine mumbaikar traveling in a train peacefully in the peak hours...that to without clinging to the door!!

And these doors get closed after a particular time in a metro train...That is u won’t be able to board a running train....now that is an unwanted piece of information for lazy bones like me.

Many western avatars had tried their luck in Mumbai... Burgers tried to defeat vada pav..Now this is aamchi Mumbai. Sincerely I prefer vada pav more than those branded burgers .

don’t u think taste buds of a mumbaikar prefer vada pav more???

Similarly metro rail can’t replace our own local train. The fun in clinging to the rusted handles , arguing for the fourth seat, pushing each other on the platform bridge, cursing the late trains during monsoon, etc etc are something just unavoidable in a Mumbai life.

Lets see how much the common people in Mumbai accepts the new avatar of rail on roads..Hope this doesn’t increase the traffic on Mumbai roads..

Q; what did a tamarind in a sack tell his friend?

A:i m feling like standing in a mumbai local train.

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