Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ABSOLUTELY, Not me!!!!!!!!!

The bell rang. As usual every students rushed out of the class as if they were just released from the concentration camp. She was busy searching for something in the pink jute bag that clinged to her left arm.
"archuu, what are you searching??"
"Ah! I found it, guys, see my new cell phone," .It was kept sandwiched between her textbooks.
" my uncle brought it from Dubai, my birthday gift , the latest model, its so handy and cute,,,,,,blah,,blah ,,,blah....."
She boasted about her phone as if she is is the only person with a mobile on the earth. Honestly many of us didn't like it
( think twice if you're gonna call this dislike as jealousy!)
soon, her phone blinked. she's got a new message.She struggled to manage with the unfamiliar keys on her new phone.
Hi! this is my new number, save it, do call sometimes,,--ur best friend!
Raising her eyebrows, she checked the sender and location.No idea!??. her finger ran fast on the keypad. a few seconds later , she received another message
'u don't remember me? hw can u 4get me? u were my best friend, at least thats wat i called u! :-( '
Archana was confused. That day she didn't bother to mind the gossips that we shared in the train while returning home. Her face seemed upset when she received another message from the same unknown number
'A daily thought…
A silent tear…
A Constant wish that u r near…
Words are few but thoughts r deep…
Memories of our friendship i’ll always keep!!
She hurriedly typed something in the text box, and waited for the reply. This time it went like this...'
i thought u must have recognized me.. we even met 2day morning at the railway station, u looked gr8 in your pink kurta. hope u will recognized me!'
Guys, if you stood in her shoes, wont u become restless???
The sentence above does not indicate archu's new shoe that her aunt gifted from states (that's what she said yesterday, well I had spotted the same in the chor bazaar).
Coming back, she tried with many 'who's this' text messages , only to get stupid friendship messages as reply.
Though this mystery troubled her and her new Dubai phone for many days , her best stranger friend has stopped messaging since the last two days. Now its her turn,, she has started troubling the unknown number with those stupid smses, followed with a who r u.
Archu, if you are reading this, then please do me a favour, stop sending those stupid smses.
My inbox is full, and my service provider is troubling me with those zero balance messages. And don't send me a threat mail. if you really want to do something , then recharge my mobile balance..i lost them aall because of your unknown friend!:-(

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