Friday, July 16, 2010


Our father of nation had three monkeys...speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil..(at least that's what I know as a proof of my school history education).Now that we have come across 60 years of independence, its the grandson of these monkeys who rules

I have come across many such incidents in my life where i had to see the dreadful face of corruption,,,i had mentioned one such incident in my blog,, click here and you can read it at the expense of a click here...my previous post on corruption

Coming back ,, one of my friends recently told me about an incident where she had to solve the issue with this chay paani (that's how we mumbaikars refer to corruption as)

She had visited pandarpur recently. its a pilgrim place in Maharashtra where thousands of people gather for the Pandarpur yatra.. The devotees have to stand in long queues for more than a day to have a glimpse of lord vittal.when my buddy was explaining the difficulties the devotees have to face for the glimpse of god,, other part of my brain was sympathizing on the god who stood there for hours and hours fulfilling the wishes of his devotees. Imagine God requesting for a break from these hullabaloo....

so the story goes like this...

My friend went to pandarpur with her family comprising of senior citizens and small children.

Waiting in long queues was simply not a cakewalk for them . To save them from this distress,,Mr.corruption incarnated. A higher authority of the temple offered them the darshan of lord vittal in exchange to a bundle of greens (bundle of rupees 500 ).After an exchange of few bargains the deal was fixed.

A glimpse of god worth Rs.6500.

After a series of cross examination, the notes were handed over to the person. he went inside only to return asking for more money . He claimed that the number of notes were less and he needed more. Embarrassed , the senior males of the family handed over more money to the man who claimed himself to be the holy pandit. Even though my friend had a chance to see lord vittal,,guess what she prayed????

Faith and religion are the most sensitive issue in India, now attacked by the giant of corruption...only one question is left unanswered....

when will India be corruption free????

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