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Venue:an engineering admission centre

student 1: how much did you score in the entrance exam?
student 2: 100
student1:that's very less. you will have to struggle for the admissions!!
student 2 : yeah..what about u?
student 1: 78/200
student 2: then your condition is more worse
student 1: I need not worry,,I am in the reserved category!!!! fellows like you from the open category are gonna terrorised..ha ah ha ha...

This is a true conversation that took place recently between two engineering aspirants. this is what is happening in our country.We claim that caste discrimination is completely abolished from India. But it isn't. Employment, education, and many other sectors are still under the influence of this social evil. Only difference is that in ancient India, it was the backward castes who were oppressed , whereas in the modern Indian society, the open category..(higher castes) are the ones suffering.

I am not at all against the reservation system..but against the type of reservation. we are almost into the 64th year of independence, and is it still necessary to provide reservation on caste basis?? Most of the backward castes are now developed and their standard of living is not poor as before. If any reservation is to be provided , then why not on the basis of annual income of the family?
The caste system in ancient India was a dreadful disaster. The backward castes were deprived of every opportunities. Maybe that's the reason why Dr. Ambedkar formulated a constitution where the scheduled castes and tribes were given prior importance.But the prime reason behind it was to bridge the gap between the low caste poor men an the rich higher castes.
If we consider the life standard of the so called low castes now, then its much improved. The ones that are still suffering belong to the below poverty level families. They can be considered by reserving them according to the family income..
due to this present system of reservation,,many deserving students are deprived of a chance of studying in good colleges since their seats are allotted to the reserved categories.

guys,if you belong to a reserved category , then you might feel awkward reading this article.
But dont u think this is discrimination ?? Should we allow this to underestimate the calibre and merit of the students??? Isn't it high time that the system change???

The students have to pay high donations to secure a seat in a professional course like MBBS or ENGINEERING,,then whats their mistake if they become corrupt officers in the future??
GUYS.....its high time our country wake up....the youth of our country should learn from the example of vicky and vivek who denied a seat under reservation in the most prestigious college in the country---IIT.( click here to know more.)
so what you think??? What can we do ??
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