Saturday, July 3, 2010

Flooded With hope

Disclaimer: The content published below is the letter from the view of one of the victim of 25th July 2005 floods in Mumbai. This essay won the first prize in the writing contest in our college.

We used to meet often at the bus depot no.281. You used to stand hardly a few inches away from me. Both of us felt the presence of each other. The only difference was that we never spoke.
That day it was raining heavily. It was flooded everywhere. The city almost came to a halt. It was completely paralysed. It was you with whom I was trapped at the depot. The first time I observed you. You looked simply cute. Your gentle smile, pearl white skin tone, eyes that reflected your simplicity..Everything simply made me closer to you. That rainy day thus showered me with one of the best gifts of my life,,,
Your friendship.
It was raining again when we were together that day. It was not the moisture in the air that made me sweat then. It was you words. I still remember the electrifying experience of the Goosebumps that I felt when you uttered those two simply magical words...they still echo in my ears
“Marry me”,,, you said. Thus the goddess of rain as usual gifted me with the most precious gift,,
Your love
Then on, every rain made me remember you. They simply wetened my cheeks. Rains became the luckiest thing for me on the earth. Every rain brought me a new gift
It was still raining outside the church when the priest declared us as husband and wife. I felt as if Mother Nature was shedding her tears on this happiest occasion of my life.
Many rainy seasons passed. I do remember the rains that we watched together sharing the same blanket and the same cup of coffee. But one rain that came with the dreadful viral fever for me,, I consider it more as a boon than a trouble. For I realized your significance in my life then.
The sleepless nights that you spent,, you took care of me much more than anyone could. I do remember the complaints from your colleagues about your sleeping sessions during the board meeting. It was only your care and proximity that saved me from the clutches of that disease.
It was another rainy day when god gifted me with the most beautiful and cutest gift of my life. I can see her lying peacefully in the cradle next to the bed. The time when the nurse brought her to me wrapped in a tight cotton cloth, I could hear the patter of the heavy downpour. The rain drops that fell on the leaves of the banyan next to the window, as if they were singing in joy.
Today it’s raining again. But today’s rain is having a different smell. A smell of harshness. It was never so dangerous. You are away from me. I fear about your safety. Missing you. My eyes are stationed at the door. When will the door bell ring? It’s dark outside. The dark clouds have wrapped everything. Mother earth is looking helpless. Only the silver lightning that strikes occasionally lightens up the road. But it’s empty. Hope I will see you soon there waving towards me.
Rain has never betrayed me. I know it won’t grab away the happiness that she gifted me. I doubt will the luckiest thing of my life change everything? I believe my fate is not to sober in your separation. Hope you are safe. Come home soon.

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