Sunday, July 11, 2010


It’s raining heavily. Rains were my first love, perhaps that’s the reason why I would purposely lose my umbrella in the school and come home drenched. But then I had a hope that you would be standing at the doorstep waiting for me. You used grab me close to your body and wipe me with your pallu ,,for reaching for the towel could have taken some time. Even though you used to scold me, I loved the cute smile that you gave me at the end.
But mom, today I am fully wet. Water droplets are dripping from my hair, the shoes are covered with the mud, my uniform is also stained, even though I am sure you wont be there waiting for me at the hostel door, I wish I could see you .
Today as I entered my room I did not dry myself.
I just threw myself on the bed, staring at those rusty slow fan blades, unlike those at home which you kept clean.
The traces of the blades disappeared into a black circle and my thoughts slipped into the sweet memories at home, with you

Mom, do you remember the gossips we shared? The way I used to narrate my school adventures while your fingers untied the knots in my hair. The wonderful stories that you told while I would slowly slip off into my sleep. The twilight sky that I used to wonder about, lying in your lap.
Mom, thanks for the patience you showed when I asked you weird and strange doubts. I still remember the race we had in the backyard, when you tried to feed me the sour tablets I have ever tasted. I swear I had made a blueprint of my plan to teach that doctor a lesson.
Mom I still confuse between 4x6 and 3x6 in spite of the cane treatments that you gave me. I promise it wasn’t me who hid the cane behind the bushes.
It’s your birthday today. Remember I used to gift you my hand made greetings. Today when I emailed you the e card, I wished you kissed me at my forehead, like you did it then. Mom, don’t worry, I have not yet discovered the place where you gathered all the cards I gifted you. (Please change the handle of that box,, its rusted and it hurts if one tries to open it without the key).
Longing to meet you,. Wow!!! My hair is dry now!!! The rainwater has now vanished from my hair., even though it spoilt the effect of the new hair cream that I bought yesterday ;-(
I am completely dry, but I can find my cheeks wet. Not the rain, but your every single thought brings moisture to them.
Miss you.
Happy Birthday.

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