Thursday, August 12, 2010


The Sun was about to rise,
when tears rolled from my eyes,
I almost cried
When I saw you drenched in blood .

The doctor smiled,
" here's your little princess, just born"
Though you stopped crying at my touch
your eyes , completely wet.

It was about to rain,
you walked your first step,
holding my thumb, along the lane
along the road ,street and the park.

It was almost quarter to noon,
when you whispered, "mom"...
For how could I thank you ,
wish then I was the luckiest mom!

You grew up so fast,
I didn't realize the time passed
I stood by you, at your every wish,
every defeat and every hope.

The sun was about to set when you graduated,
far away from home,
missed you ,, wish you did the same

It was a dark night
when wolves howled,
worried," for what now?"
Tele- news flashed,
'people managing to escape some how'

I still remember those words,
" Mom, I 'm trapped'
they are mad,,,,they are many,,,,,
Is there help any??

couldn't hear anything else then,
thanks to busy networks and poor battery cellphones,
for your mom's still waiting...........
my princess,,where's you??
It's already two years due..........

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