Saturday, August 7, 2010


We often come across various ocassions where we are forced to blame the government .

The city is unclean, blame the municipality.It doesnt matter even if the waste was thrown out of your window.

There is corruption everywhere,, why blame the government.?? Stop paying them.

None of us will ever try to stop those men spitting paan on public places,,,unless and untill they spit on your door. And we want the government to keep public places clean!

I have often heard students blame the education system. They say it imposes burden on them.
If an average scoring student takes up engineering in an Indian college only because he got the seat through the caste resevation system, he would end up becoming a useless engineer.
Recently one of my friend (belonging to scheduled caste reservation category) was found criticizing the Indian education system .
Iasked him, " So why dont you reject the seats that you get in an institution because of your caste status. Even the caste reservation is a curse to the indian education system!"

This is what he replied to me
" Will you reject the best college in the city even though you deserve none? If some one asks me to chose between a golden axe and an iron axe , its obvious that i would grab the golden ."

I felt speechless. A few moments ago, he spoke of the faults in education system and now he
regrets from acting against the system!
I could speak nothing . But I managed to reply ,
"Choose the axe that you prefer. But do remember that its the iron axe that ultimately comes handy. "

Its simply easy to blame the government for all the faults in the system.
Afterall its we citizens who elect the government.
We elected them to rule the country, but that doesn't mean we dont have any responsibility towards our country!
Unless and untill we decide and act, nothing's gonna change.
Lets act and try together to convert India into a developed country from a developing nation.
Indian's have always made history, then why remain passive in the present!??

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