Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Yesterday while I was cleaning my bookshelf, I came across this poem that I had written during my primary school years. I still remember the excitement and happiness that I went through when my poem got published in the the souvenir of the school. The paper on which the poem was written had become old and torn, the white paper now had yellow shades and the ink had almost faded, but the memories and happiness still remain afresh.
here it goes.......

I wish I was the yellow blossom in your garden,
you would have kissed me every dawn.

Wish I was the dew on the leaflet,
I could have settled on your cheeks as you tickled the leaves.

Wish I could be the cuckoo on the peepal,
I would have sung in harmony with your anklets .

Wish I was one among the rays of the sun,
I could have touched you , see you smile at the dusk time.

I wish I was a strand of your hair,
you would have played with me,
deep engrossed in your thoughts and dreams.

Wishes are many as I stare into your eyes

Wanna tell my wishes to you someday,
Wanna tell you my love someday,
Rather helpless, I apologize,
for mom,
I am only three months old today!


  1. a baby, a toddler
    who could'nt talk,
    who could express herself
    in beautiful thoughts
    guess what she became
    when she grew up!
    Mumbai Madrasi....
    all the best....thumbs up.........


  2. awww.... thanks a lot dhiraj!!!!!!!