Friday, July 30, 2010


Thank you guys for the wonder ful response on my previous post. I observed that there are many students in Mumbai who are dissapointed about the interference of caste system in the education sector.

The system in India is so old that this reservation has filled mostof the government offices with the reseved categories. Now thats what we call a developed nation. Equality rules!!!. After all, it is the most significant principle of democracy!!!!!!!.

One of my friend gave us a treat yesterday,,guess the reason?

no,,it wasnt her birthday....she was very happy because she no more belongs to the open category.!

when her dad conducted a research on their family history, he was surprised to know that they belong to one of the backward castes in the country that is approved in the reservation category.

My friend is very happy because she has got the most valued document in the country..........THE CASTE CERTIFICATE.

This made me envy of her . She can secure a seat in a good reputed college in mumbai .The open caste fellows will have to wait in the queue fo some more time.......BETTER LUCK GUYS....

Heres a joke that clearly depicts the stand of India compared to other nations:

Prime minister: We are sending Indians to moon next year .

Obama: Wow!!!how many???

Prime Minister: 100

35- OBC (other backward castes)

25- scheduled castes

20 -scheduled tribes

10- sports person

4 - jammu kashmir migrants

10- physically handicapped

and if possible.. ......1 astronaut

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