Monday, September 6, 2010


Ever thought of what would have happened if Ramayan took place in this century?
Here are the tweetexcerpts  that would have been exchanged then

@dashrath: gonna select Ram as my successor...pls nt: my prajas can retweet their suggestions and opinion ,,support me.

@manthara: got to work on Kaikeyi's brain!!

@dashrath: helpless if you have three wives to obey,,Aghor Kalyug. going to fulfill kaikeyi's grant..she wants Ram to be sent to Big Boss .

@ramhehe ..a new show,,after Seeta ka Swaamvar,, I am into the new one..VANVAS or according to the modern names..the Big Boss! please help me,,need ur support through out!

@seeta: after the Swayamvar I am gonna experience the new reality series ...going along with Ram. ah yes! Lakshman's too following us..

@shrups: Shurpanaka here,,Ravan's sis...gonna host the new session of VanVas

@luks: (this one is lakshman).
shrups..keep quiet  ,,u donno who I am,,behave yourself or u will wash ur hands with your nose...( apne nak se haath do baitegi,,,,,,,)

@ravan: how dare you?? u threatening my sis?? u take care of ur head before I behead u!

@ram: Mr. ravaan..if shrups is ur sis, luks is my bro. dont dare to behead him. It's u who should take care of ur head. .....all the ten heads.

@seeta: enjoin wid Ram...ah!..the best place for honeymoon after the Swayamwar series.

@shrups: very happy. Seeta eliminated from the show.

@ram: Can't anyone help me with the wild card entry??? Seeta's in danger!

@raavan: Ram,,relax . why need wild card when ur wive's in my wild clutches?

@ram: need help ....new recruitment in the army..all r invited..no difference in caste or gender... even animals welcome.

@hanuman: Jai Shree Ram... got to help Ram my vanars. come forward. forward my tweet to all other vanars

@sugreev: Hanuman,,i am wid u man...

@ravan: monkeys against the beast??? hahahahaha!!!

@seeta: SOS...ram save me...btw Ashokvatika is beautiful!

@ram: Luks injured in the war... very tough situation. many vanars injured .

@hanuman: visited Himalayas yesterday. And lifted the Sanjivani hill. ...had fun..Jai Sree Ram

@ravan: Oh my God.. I'm in trouble.
                 Half the kingdom is burnt and my son's killed. Will wake Kumbakaran soon :-(

@kumbh: tooo lazy to tweet.  Got some food today...after six months. PHEW...

@ram: Wars goin fun. We r near to victory.....Seetey.........I m coming.

@seeta: Take ur own time Raam. See to it that ur refilling my internet account. Its gonna expire in few days.and my lappy needs servicing. No engineers in lanka???

@vibhishan: Jai Seeta ma.... I have got one..Will send him to ashok vatika soon...have a happy stay!

@ravaan: learnt a lesson..never to go fight a War for a stupid sis,, Shrups i'll see u after the war.

@ram: Kumbhkaran's killed,,,next kaun??

@ravan: Will have to expose my heads soon...fighting a war with ten heads is quite difficult.

@hanuman: Yipee.....won the war, just today morning.  

@seeta: at last freed....wonder who won the Vanvas series??!!!

@ram: Very Happy.  Got my Seeta back... and yes the Kingdom too.
             Thank u vanars.....it was because of u that I won...and there's a good news
              @vibhishan is the new lankeshwar.

@hanuman: happy ending. pray for me. resting after a bypass surgery.
                     Tore opened my heart to expose my love for ram and seeta.


dropin your views and ssuggestions in the comment box............have any other gud tweets in for our dear gods and gods??
why dont you write them here..........................???? 


  1. lol i go with kumbh: tooo lazy to comment:)

  2. Excellent post. Just ROFL.

  3. i leterally forgot the humor... i am just admiring your wits and creativity yaar.very nice.

  4. and the end? where is the next part? seeta's denial ???:)

  5. @ramesh and SG: thanks.

    @raji: thanks a lot.......and about the next part,,,Seeta is waiting for the new twitter to be launched!!!!!!!!!

  6. Very creative!!

    I rarely come across witty posts like this. Awesome.

  7. quite humourous..... loved it.... twitterayan.....

  8. @vrinda: thanks a ton,..

    @neha: thanks a lot...loved your comment too!

  9. ha ha that was very entertaining!! loved the by-pass surgery part!! ha ha good imagination!!

  10. mindblowing fun. very entertaining post. I hope you write more like this.. in between your death stories.

  11. fabulous.......cool