Friday, September 17, 2010

SUPERstitious ME

When you get A LEG FRACTURED,, there are many advicers around you,

"you should stop walking...." !!!

"better use a wheelchair"!!!!

"Look before you walk" !!!

When the doctor demonstrated about twisted muscles, I wished I learnt biology in College.

And this was the most funniest advice,,,

"did you cross over a mirchi limbu???"
err..?? how can a mirchi limbu fracture my leg???

"yes it can ,, u know one of my friend got oral cancer since he spitted on limbu mirchi"
oh..really.....thank God he didnt piss over it...u donno Indian men can make almost any place a public toilet.

"joke aside,,, im serious... "
"me too"....I gigged and settled myself on the bed....taking care of my broken leg.

"no..no...dont sit on the pillow...."
I jumped over,, hurting my leg...I thought there was a cockroach and she's warning me.

"sitting on pillow will reduce the income of the family,,debts will increase"
eh???? No yaar .... thats what old people say. This saying was an idea to avoid people sitting on pillow.
To stop pillows from flattening...."

no...don't shake your legs...its harmful"
ha yaar,, i know,,,but this leg is fine it is the other tleg that hurts

no,,, if you shake legs while seated on a bed...its a sin
no...that was an idea to stop the spitoons fall. Old men used to keep their spitoons below the bed for easy access. And if anyone shakes their leg,,it may cause the spit to spread over the floor!!

see,,,,you'r so silly......that's why you are suffering.You dont believe in God.
I do believe in God,,,,but my faith is not blind

you'll get to know when you'll suffer
"isnt this a suffering???". I said as I lifted my fractured leg.....

"so you have any plans...why don't we use this limbu mirchi techniques on the terrorists....it will save Indian money spend on defence.."
you dont have common sense........
no... my sense is not common,,its extra ordinary. Can we adjust with sixth sense...???.My refrigerator has it.

Thus she continued with more superstitious theories an I kept on rationalizing them.....
If you have an oldie in your home , then every problem has a evil effect...

oops... its strange when your fractured leg itches.


  1. hii!

    hahaha! very nice :)

    i loved the "thank God he didnt piss over it" esp!


  2. @A.S:thanks..just tried to look over lighter side of the blind faith in our nations. ..

  3. Loved the humor. Excellent. Superstition is common in every country in this world. I have one for you. My mother will not talk about future after sunset on any Thursday evening. She won't even talk about what is for breakfast next morning.

    I have a question. What is a mirchi limbu. Can you translate for me in English or Tamil. Thanks.

  4. Thanks SG. Superstitions are indirectly related to our hopes and belief about our future.

    And the concept of limbu mirchi is actually hanging a bunch of mirchi and lemon to ones door or vehicle so as to protect it from evil's eye.(exactly like the picture that is posted in the above post)

    As soon as the lemon turns red it is disposed off no matter whether it is thrown on the public road . The other belief is that if anyone causes harm to this limbu mirchi (like stamping on it or destroying it)..then the person will encounter some bad accident or disease.

  5. hehe ..this was very humerous.especially the last line .."mind blowing"." sixth sense"one.some people also consider that shaking your legs increases your dad'd debts..you tend to loose more money.etc